Friday Night Snow

Friday Night Snow

First snow of the season, slowly falling  on the summer chairs.

Snow on grassy areas and fallen maple leaves.   Snow on the branches and  the mulberry leaves.

It  isn't surprising, is it?  As much as 6-8 inches overnight  was predicted.

And yet, it seems like the first time, just for a moment, the  wonder of snow...

Here is the forecast and latest snow totals.

Yes, it is surprisingly more than was expected! It's very heavy and wet stuff, too. How's the snow by you?




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  • Looking very Courrier and Ives at this point....but then I haven't had to excavate the car, shovel the drive, or drive in it yet either. Snow and I are still in the honeymoon phase for this year.

  • In reply to Sue Fitzpatrick:

    Thanks, Sue-That's a lovely description--Snow looks so pretty, until you have to shovel it...

  • Channel 7 is acting like it is Snowmageddon 15 already--2 meteorologists, remote from McHenry, the whole works.

    Meantime, it is 33 degrees on the WeatherBug.

  • Thanks, Jack. Lots of snow in McHenry, rain in Kankakee...

    A rain/snow mix this morning in Oak Park. Now, it's all snow, and it's really coming down,now!

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    North Cook Co. it started snowing about 8 pm, but most overnight melted. It looked like we got socked from about noon to 3.

  • In reply to jack:

    Yes, this afternoon, it really started to come down. About 4 inches here...

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