Weather or Not, Baseball in October

Weather or Not, Baseball in October
photo-Chicago Tribune

Hell did not freeze over, but it was hellish cold.  A cold, cold night in New York. The wind was biting  and the hits would sting.

The  summer  boys  were dressed for the weather--layers and long-sleeves.  But baseball in  cold weather  is  a different  kind of  game.

Baseball in October can be like playing in  April. The ball feels different, the hits are different. The ground is hard and unforgiving.  Keeping hands warm can be a problem.  Temperature  can be a factor in the game.

Yes, it was a  bitter cold night for baseball.  There was a 38 degree wind chill, and the first snow of the season was falling in  Upstate New York.  Mount Washington, New Hampshire reported  over 6 inches of snow!

And maybe there was a chill of foreboding. Those prone to an over-active imagination could picture the demons of seasons past howling with fiendish glee.  Yes, it's the Mets, and almost Halloween,  but this is no time for the ghosts of yesteryear.

Milder temperatures are on the way.  Here, in Chicago, the westerly winds are  blowing the colored leaves.  Temps are expected to reach the mid-70's on  Tuesday.  Warm weather  isn't quite done yet.  There is a chance of showers  on Tuesday and Wednesday, but  that is not expected to delay or postpone the games.

Weather or not, this is the moment.   Yes, there is still baseball in October. The ivy is just starting to turn colors.



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  • Beautifully written. Thank you for something to savor, even today.

  • Thanks so much for reading today!

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