Super Sunday Snow--live blog

Super Sunday Snow--live blog


Live from Oak Park--Sunday morning--snow falling overnight, and still falling. It's like the snow of Japanese prints, covering everything in 4-5 inches of white stuff. There are no sidewalks, no roadways, no porches, no cars.

There are a few hardy  souls out already shoveling, even as the snow falls.  It's thick and heavy, the stuff of igloos and snowballs. Hiroshige snow. Deep-dish snow.

Those of us  out shoveling are barely able to keep up with the rate of snowfall.  For the moment, it is beautiful. No one is going anywhere. It's Sunday morning and later there's a football game on.

Yesterday, the grocery stores were filled  with people getting ready for the game and the big snow. It was crazy-crowded! Carts were piled with giant soft-drink bottles and snack foods, bags of rice and cans of beans.  Clementines and avocadoes were on sale.  At my store, there are no kale chips, but there is goat cheese.

Did you feel the need to stock up on provisions, too? Did you get extra batteries?

Here is Tom Skilling's forecast.

Even as I write this, the snow is falling steadily, and the wind is knocking snow off the branches. What I'm going to try  to do is live-blog this snow all day, with regular updates.

Please join in with your own reports!

Now, I'm going out to shovel again...


Visibility decreasing,  about  1-1/2 inches additional snow on the deck and the sidewalk. This is much lighter and fluffy. Kids out laughing down the street. The sound of a snowblower in the next block...

Here is the latest from Eric Holthaus--

And here are the latest totals from NWS Chicago--


Another 2-1/2 inches of light and fluffy snow on the deck. There have been no snowplows, yet.  Kids are playing in the street, which is a  white expanse with deep tracks of one adventurous driver.  I am going to heat up more coffee.  A friend called to tell me it's almost whiteout conditions by the lake and the Planetarium is closed.


Wind is increasing--another 3-4 inches of snow have fallen and it's still continuing to come down. There are no signs of shoveling. The sky is the color of the snow. The snow is the color of the sky.

Here is the report from Tom skilling.

And here are the current snow totals from NWS Chicago--



Light fluffy snow just blowing around, reducing visibility. Even the snowblowers have stopped. Here in the twilight, the sound of wind...


More snow totals


Here are the totals from 7:20 pm.

In the dark, under the streetlights, the crystals are sparkling. It's a surreal landscape of black and white. The  snow is almost bright as daylight.  It's dropping in clumps from the trees. The wind is howling. There's considerable blowing and drifting.  I have to clear away 4 inches or more around the back door.  The sidewalks and roads are gone, again.

Now, the snowplow comes down the street, sending up high plumes of snow.


Monday, 7 am--The final totals rank this blizzard as the 5th largest snowstorm here.

The wind has stopped, for now.  It's a rounded white world in the early light.  In the stillness,  a cardinal calls.

As I write this,  sparrows outside my window....

10 am--

Sun on snow!

Here are the record snowstorms from the Chicago Tribune--


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  • I looked out my window, and decided I didn't feel like going out. I did my usual Sunday shopping yesterday. Saw that Jewel had SnaPeas, but for 10 cents more than at Fresh Thyme.

    The debate the last couple of days was "we have these 3 models, and this one says 12" but it was the model that overshot in NYC." All the sudden, last night, all 3 models agreed at about 12".

    This is only about half as much as the really bad storms, but has to be the absolute worst storm, because there is absolutely nothing on TV. I have a Garfield movie on a Spanish channel on in the background at the moment. I was just going to imdb to see what it was.

  • In reply to jack:

    Greetings, Jack! I guess it's all about the game, today...
    Anyway, for TV alternatives (if you don't have cable), there's Space Cowboys with Clint Eastwood and Tommy Lee Jones on Channel 38 at 6pm and 3000 Miles to Graceland, with Kurt Russell and Kevin Kostner on Channel 9 at 6:30...

    After shoveling snow all day, I may just watch one of them...

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Looks like now it is getting in the "really bad storms" range, but still would have to get to 20"s to make it.

    The irony of the day is that the WGN crawl had Our Lady of the Snows School closed.

  • In reply to jack:

    Well, now they're saying it's in the top 10 anyway. Drifts over my knees in the alley--about 18"

  • Great description of a beautiful but dangerous storm!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Thanks for reading, Kathy!

  • In moderation falling snow
    Is picturesque and charming
    But when the inches landing grow
    I find it most alarming!

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thanks for stopping by, AW. Your verses make my day!
    Be careful out there...

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