Snow Shovel Angels

After the snow come the snow shovel angels. Do you know some? Are you one? Did you help a neighbor with his car stuck in the alley?

Yes, there are real  snow angels!  That generous guy with the new snowblower who says it's easier for him to do the whole block. Thank you!

The neighbor  who always clears the way because people walk there on the way to the train. Thank you!

Sad to say,  such folks are rare.  In spite of  ordinances  and fines, most will not bother to shovel. And by most, I mean you, landlords with a house somewhere else.  I mean you with the corner lot and two sidewalks to shovel. I mean you, business on a busy street with only the entrance clear so the cars can pull right up to the door.  I mean you, who have cleared the parking lot, but left the sidewalk an expanse of  snow  and treacherous ice.

Yes, vehicles are  important, here. The main streets, and  the side streets must be passable. People have to get where they're going--and where will they park the car? There's the  ritual  of summer lawn chairs for holding parking spaces. It's a proud Chicago tradition.

Here's another Chicago tradition-- mountain climbing.  This winter  is not the first.  Those who take public transit have to deal with piles of snow by the bus stops,  mounds of snow on el station stairs. It's a safety hazard. Why is this way  not clear?

Busy streets have obstacles, too. On Roosevelt Road in Oak Park, the snowplows have piled the mountains of snow on the sidewalks. People can't walk there, unless  they walk in the street--a  dangerous idea!  And what about the wheeled carts, strollers, walkers?

Almost every  sidewalk corner is a mountain of piled up snow.  There are bootprints of those who have gone before. These are supposed to serve as what--footholds?  Climbing up and sliding down these obstacles, is this our winter sport here?   Try it with bags of groceries  for added benefits of balance and weight training.

Don't people cross the streets at the corners?  Why is this  way not clear????

Thanks to all the snow shovel angels.  We sure can use them, now.

Special thanks to fellow blogger Marie Larsen,  "There's a Bug in My Coffee" for her post on conditions in Joliet. You can read her post, here.




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  • Well said! Besides the angels who shovel, here's to the angels who help people like me over -- or out from -- snowdrifts. My special thanks to the two gentlemen who helped me up on Sunday night and the neighbor who extended his hand when I tried to get through a narrow "mountain pass" of snow on a nearby corner.

  • You are an angel, too. Thanks for reading!

  • My son in law is one of those angels. My husband gave him a snowblower and he has paid it forward all over his block.

    Great post!

  • In reply to Kathy Mathews:

    Thank you, and thanks to him, too!

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