7 ways to think spring now

7 ways to think spring now

Maybe it's not as insanely snowy as Boston,  but  it's Chiberia  here, and  it's going to get colder--wind chill advisory of 30-below.  We all could use a spring break. Here are 7 ways you can get into a spring mood right now.

1. It's almost here. Some say spring begins with the vernal equinox. Yes,  astronomical spring.  But meteorological spring starts on the first of March. So close now... less than two weeks away!

2. Color, color, color!  Think yellow greens, orchid pinks, turquoise blue--colors of  warmer and sunnier lands. Maybe you can't go there, but you can find  those colors here.  You may  even have something in your closet. Go for bold and bright. Pile on the colors! How about a neon orange ski cap  with those dark winter layers?

3. Spring Training--Yes, even sweeter than "I love you"  are these  wonderful words--pitchers and catchers report. Does your heart soar like a home run at the thought of baseball? Players are reporting already. Will this be the year?

4. Real palm trees--- When visions of Florida   palm trees and Arizona sunshine  aren't enough, there's palm trees right here!  Lincoln Park Conservatory has palm trees and orchids. Garfield Park Conservatory even has a Palm Room. Oak Park Conservatory also has banana trees. Don't forget the Botanical Gardens in Glencoe.  Surround yourself with greenery and humidity. It's like a tropical getaway.

Summer Tomatoes

Summer Tomatoes

5. Indoor gardening--There's more daylight already, and  bright summer light in the seed catalogs.  Don't those tomatoes look great?  If you are feeling ambitious, why not  try starting some from seed?  If you're not feeling that ambitious,  there's basil seeds and potting soil at Walgreens.  This year, I am going to try and grow some basil.  Start the seeds in pots on a sunny windowsill.  Just add water. And, it goes great with tomatoes.

6.  Spring flowers--  Before I had a cat, every winter I would grow  a succession of paperwhite narcissus bulbs. These are available at garden centers and online. You can plant them in pebbles and water, and they will bloom for you.  You can  find them already blooming at florist shops, along with  other spring bulbs.  Crocus  and tulips are also in bloom there. WARNING-- All these bulbs are poisonous to cats!  If you want something for your cats, try cat grass. Even if you don't have a cat, it's  fun to grow, too.

7. Spring skywatching--The constellation Scorpius  is considered a harbinger of spring. Read more here.  Look for it in the southeast in the predawn sky of February.  And you can still spot Comet Lovejoy  on these cold, clear nights.

Yes, spring is coming. Even now, the sparrows and cardinals are greeting the longer days. Warmer days are coming. In the meantime, here are some Chiberian style tips...



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  • Accuweather monthly forecast (for whatever it is worth) says spring starts March 6 (high 48 degrees and going up from there). However, it says that the historic average high for March is 54 degrees, and it seems like they are predicting a bit below that.

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    Thanks, Jack! It will feel like 70's anyway...I can see the cargo shorts from here. :)

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