Chiberian Chic

Greetings from CHIBERIA!  As you know, it's cold out there. How cold is it?  I could cry, but there's no crying in Chiberia--the tears will freeze on your face.

The wind is making the sunlight flicker in the trees. There's blowing, drifting snow. For those who walk or work outside, dressing for subzero is a challenge. For anyone venturing outside, layering is crucial.

In Chiberia, layering is an art form.  Ladies, you, too, can be a chic Chiberian!  Guys, feel free to substitute more macho versions as you please. Here are the layers  I am wearing today. Thrift shop items marked with an asterisk--

wool socks

wool tights

leggings over tights

baggy "boyfriend" jeans* to accommodate the tights and leggings. Sweatpants straight from the dryer would be another possibility.  Wool pants* would be a dressier option

On top-- a light base layer, fitted, black merino wool*

long pullover cashmere sweater--olive green*

close-fitting wool cap--dark green*

hoodie, black*

another wool hat over the hoodie--hand knit, winter white*

charcoal gray scarf around face*

black parka with hood*

multicolor mohair  scarf  to tie it all together

2 pairs of wool gloves, dark red over black

all-terrain winter boots--heavy treads and insulated

bonus-- snowboard pants--they are lightweight, wind and waterproof

Chiberian Chic is all about the layers. Have fun with colors and combinations--the more clash and contrast, the better. Remember, in Chiberia, no one cares what you look like!

Ready?  Got the keys and extra tissues?  Don't forget sunglasses. Wait, I have to go to the bathroom first. Okay, let's go...

Just in case you've forgotten, this is why we live here.


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  • As the temperature falls,
    And winds howling, skies grayer.
    I don overalls
    And then layer and layer.

    But layered in my clothes
    I'm unable to stride;
    So I think while it snows
    I'll stay, dressed warm, inside.

  • Love it! Thank you, AW.

  • Problem I have is that putting on the fleece sweatshirt pulls up the sleeves of the dress shirt, and then putting on the coat pulls up the sleeves of both. You can also imagine the problems I have taking them off. However, I haven't felt cold (except for one case of the shivers tonight).

  • In reply to jack:

    Thank you, Jack. I applaud your layering ingenuity. True Chiberian spirit!

  • Well done, thank you! My personal rule is half my closet one day, half the next -- usually facetious, but not now.

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thank you. I like your Chiberian style!

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