The Day the Climate Changed

Dateline--September 21, 2014


All over the world, the climate changed.  Under gray skies in New York City, a line of marchers stretched over 25 blocks, over 300,00 people (an estimated 400,000, according to Time online) came from all over the country  to make their presence felt, their voices heard, and demand action about global emissions and changing climate,  before a meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday of this week.

Representatives of more than 150 nations will meet in the United Nations headquarters to discuss climate change. They will include several heads of state. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron are both expected to attend.



People marched in Kathmandu and Nairobi.

People marched in London, Paris, Amsterdam  and Tokyo.



People marched in Montreal, Melbourne, and Jakarta, Indonesia.

Over 180,000  #Peoplesclimate  tweets in 24 hours described the events, shared photos in the streets. It was a worldwide wake-up call.

There will still be climate change deniers. There will still be political  stalling.  Still, more people are  saying something must be done now, and not 5 years from now.

This  is larger than politics and countries. This is about the whole world. It concerns all of us. It concerns those who will come after us.

Do we begin to understand the power of connection?  This is no longer  a problem of ice in the Arctic, or warm waters in the Pacific. They are connected.

How we live, the choices we make, we are connected, too. We can choose to live unselfishly, to care for the earth, and  to care for each other. We can make a difference.


Sunday, the climate changed.

Here is the story in the New York Times.

And, here is the story in the Chicago Tribune.




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  • Unless they all walked, used bicycles, or solar powered cars, they were hypocrites. Just think how much all the body heat on Broadway raised the temperature.

  • In reply to jack:

    Now, that's good global warming...Thanks for reading, Jack!

  • Beautifully done, showing the links (webby pun intended) between all of us. Thank you!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thank you for reading!

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