Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

The calendar says September, but  Monday was more like  August in the afternoon. In the evening,  a cold front came through and the temperatures plunged into the 50's, and the trees sounded dry like October....

September is the time of two seasons, when summer  warmth still lingers in the sunny days.  But there are cold breezes already, and  some red and yellow leaves. The ivy  that was welcome green in April is changing colors, now. Baseball is over for the regular season.

Do you remember opening day?  162 games and 5 no hitters since that cold and hope-filled day. Now, thoughts of next year. Now,  the  postseason playoffs begin. Baseball in October is a very different game.

The September garden is what it is, maybe a little  overgrown and weedy. Maybe a few green tomatoes.  Maybe some peppers, too.  The  last warm days are light-filled and golden, a few more days for ripening,  as we make plans for next year.  Asters, chrysanthemums and ornamental grasses are blooming.  Milkweed pods are  ready to open. Now is the time to plant those spring bulbs.

The playful spirit of summer  grows more purposeful now. Kids are back in school. It's time to think about  homework, furnaces  and gutter cleaning.  A time to complete  projects, and begin new ones. The air feels more ambitious.

This is a season of  endings and beginnings. As baseball ends, football begins.  Basketball and hockey start the preseason. The ice in  summer glasses  takes on new meaning, now.

As the door of summer closes, the door to fall opens. What to wear?  Layering is a great way to be ready for those changing temperatures.  In this time of two seasons, a hoodie is essential. Jean jackets are always a stylish option. And when the gray skies bring  rain,  it's good to have a good raincoat.  (My search for this item continues.)

Fall is THE  big fashion season, as the fat magazines full of the latest styles attest. But it is always the season of boots and flannel shirts and sweaters.

Fall colors are everywhere. What color  is  fall to you-- Mustard yellow, red pepper red, bittersweet orange? How about eggplant purple?   Blue-greens make an excellent  transition, and look good with indigo jeans or  plum-colored corduroys.

For many, fall is their favorite season.  The waning warm days bring crisp afternoons,  apples and pumpkins. It's a great time to go for a bike ride, or hiking in the colored woods.

It's said, there are two seasons, here--winter and construction. But we really have four seasons, each with a different mood and energy.  September is the transition, summer into fall.   This season even has two names--Fall and Autumn.

This is the season of change and impermanence. There is an expectancy that is different from the newness of spring. This is the slant of light before the cold and dark of winter.  It is  the poignancy of falling leaves. It's beautiful,  and sad, and glorious.



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  • This is as beautiful as recent days themselves. Thank you. I love red, but I think the color that really signals fall to me is the golden yellow of the changing leaves. It makes trees look different every time I pass them!

  • In reply to Margaret H. Laing:

    Thank you. I agree, especially in the early fall, it is the yellow leaves--and the yellow flowers...

  • Orange ya glad?

  • It wouldn't be October without orange!

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