A postcard to July 20, 1969

A postcard to July 20, 1969
NASA / public domain

Here's looking at you,  July 20, 1969--

Hello, Apollo 11, and greetings from the future!  It's not quite what we imagined. The moon is still up there, looking back.

Now, we have better phones than Star Trek. No flying cars, but not quite a cyberpunk dystopia waiting for the zombie apocalypse, either.

Everyone is looking at their phones, faces on the screens like  the  reflection in Buzz Aldrin's  helmet.  It's a selfie thing, now.  "Look at me. Here I am at anywhere."  But  the Sea of  Tranquility is still a far-out location!

Would you believe it's been 45 years?  Of course, there are lots of pictures from then.  Here are some from NASA archives.

There are some who still maintain the whole moon landing was faked.  Others call it a space race publicity stunt.  It was a risky mission, so brave and arrogant---sending men up there in a bottle rocket!  There were quarantine problems, too, coming back.

But we have come so far since then.  We have rovers on Mars, now!  Would you believe there is an international space station?

The most far-out  are Voyager  1 and 2, launched in 1977.  They're still sending back pictures. And  it's  been confirmed that Voyager 1 has left  the solar system. It's way out there, in the black of interstellar space.  It's playing Bach, and Chuck Berry.

We have more computing power in our phones than that first moon mission. We are a world connected, now.

We still have lots of problems, here.  How far we have come,  yet we have taken many steps back.  We don't have  one world, one people.

How far we have  yet to go!  Our  journey is just beginning.   Would you believe we'll  be back?


More about future missions,  here, via  Space.com.


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  • Marvelous -- just like that time I remember from so long ago. (I got to stay up late to make sure I'd remember!)

  • Thank you for reading, dear friend--so glad we can share the ride!

  • Aw, a Casablanca opener. Love it.

    BTW, those Moon landing deniers. Republicans, I presume.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Thanks, AW! So glad you could come along for the ride. The men in black told me it's a vast conspiracy.
    They're rounding up the usual suspects....

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