How an orange cat helped me write this post

I live with an orange cat, now, but it wasn't always so. Last time for this blogapallooz-hour, Simon helped me write that post, too, ha ha.

But this time, I  will tell you how he helped me after I lost my husband, Harry. Harry always said, "After I'm gone, you'll get a cat. "

Actually, he loved cats, and we would have had a cat or two, but unfortunately there were allergies. This is quite common, and a hairless cat was not a viable solution.  So, we enjoyed our friend's and neighbor's cats. My brother and his wife have many cats, too. So, there were cats, but not our own, you know?

I have a vet tech friend who has been more than kind to me since  Harry died. We talk about all sorts of things, life and love and  buddhism, crows and moonflowers. And of course, cats. I didn't think I could get one, and I told her that. I can barely take care of myself, I said.

When  her cat died suddenly, we talked alot, about love and loss, and cats.  She got another cat at Anti-Cruelty not  long after that.

Because the love doesn't stop, there is only more love, she said. And that's the truth.

One warm September night 3 years ago, she called me. There was a crisis, she had to come over right away. It wasn't what I thought it was, of course. There was my friend at my front door with a cat carrier. Inside the carrier was a large, orange tabby cat, who promptly made himself at home in my kitchen.

"His name is Simon, " she said. "He needs a home, and I thought of you."

Simon had been left at the clinic because his people didn't want him anymore.

How could I say no?  I guess we needed each other.

Yes, Simon has been very good company.   There is such a sweetness to being awakened by a cat.  It is not the same, of course, but it is love, too.

And now, I share the love with others at the Animal Care League in Oak Park, working with the cats there.  Sometimes,  I help  people find a cat (or two) to share their lives with. Because the love doesn't stop.


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    Happy Halloween to you and Simon. I have missed a bunch of your posts because stupid google rearranged all my email and put yours under "promotions", which I never look at. I totally agree about cats (and husbands). When I'm relaxing on the couch with both cats I feel perfectly content!

  • Hi, Liz! Happy Halloween to you guys, too. Thanks so much for reading! I forgot you have Gmail. There's this thing we're supposed to add about dragging a post out of "promotions" into the "primary" box so you don't miss a post. I forgot to add the email subscription to this post, too---I'll fix that right away.

    It's true about the love, there is only more and more. Some good adoption stories. I promise an email soon...

  • Glad to know about Simon now that it's cat weather! Purrrr!

  • In reply to MargaretSerious:

    Thank you so much, Margaret Serious. It's cat-galloping weather, too!

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