Summer Shoes? Think Espadrilles!

Summer Shoes? Think Espadrilles!

Looking for wonderful summer shoes?  Think espadrilles!

This classic, like blue jeans, comes in so many versions, one of them could be just what you're looking for.

Like sneakers, they are usually made of fabric, casual and  unpretentious.

But espadrilles have a certain style, perhaps it's the rope that gives them a more cosmopolitan edge.

Picture them with a breezy circle skirt. You know, the kind that swirls around your knees or just below, accentuating the most flattering lines of your legs--revealing and concealing as you walk. Marilyn's famous white dress had a skirt like that, and it would have been lovely with espadrilles.

Yes, they're made for walking (think of all those street festivals), and picnics and barbeques, if that's on your social agenda. You could be the hit of the block party in these shoes, too.

Espadrilles also look good with blue jeans, as you can see.  Just toss on a big white shirt--or pick your favorite color. For a more bohemian look, try one of those peasant blouses with colorful embroidery and little cap  sleeves. What could be easier?

You don't have to buy into the high-end offerings, either. These really are uncomplicated outfits--democratic, egalitarian. You could  find them at thrift stores.

It is the espadrilles that may be harder to find, but they are readily available online.  For example, this website,, has authentic ones made in Spain in styles and sizes for men, women and kids.

You can find out more about espadrilles there, too.  According to the website, "the name  is derived from 'esparto' which is a kind of plant that was originally burned then braided to make the soles."

Espadrilles have quite a  history.  Did you know that this type of footwear  is over  4000 years old?

They were worn in Spain in the 13th century, by the infantrymen of the King of Aragon.

It was Yves St. Laurent  who popularized the style for women in the 1960's, adding a wedge heel and ribbon ties, like the picture above.

Espadrilles are still popular in France and Spain, today, especially in the summer.  Priests and miners wore them. Picasso wore them, too.

Now, so can you!

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