Keep Cool without A/C

Keep Cool without A/C

When it's hot out, how do you keep your cool?  Do you  turn on the air-conditioner without giving it a thought?  Oh, I know it's like a necessity, almost.  I mean, air-conditioning is everywhere-- stores, office buildings, restaurants, movie theatres.  How can we live without it?

I'm not suggesting going a/c free, but maybe we can cut down on our own usage,  good for the environment, and save some money, too.

Here are a few ways to  keep cooler this summer---

Open windows at night to take advantage of those cooling lake breezes.

You know, the breeze from a ceiling fan will make you feel cooler. Think Casablanca, other movies with tropical settings.  Didn't they all  have ceiling fans going around?  (They also had mosquito netting, which may come in handy, too.)

A stand-alone fan can be quite effective.  The moving air evaporates moisture (sweat)  from your skin and can really cool you down.  Let it dry you off after a shower--refreshing!

Make that a cold shower, too.  Now, that's chill!

Eat cold foods. Think salads, and fresh fruit. Watermelon is what I'm talking about. Don't forget tomatoes. And why do you think they say "cool as a cucumber?"  And how about  some frozen treats--ice cream,  popsicles, and  Italian ices.

Speaking of ice, now that hockey season's over for the moment, ice takes on a different meaning. Use it in tall glasses and cold drinks.  Ice  on wrists and other pulse points can cool your whole body.

So, what to wear?  No, not as little as possible!  Choose  lightweight fabrics,  linen, cotton--natural fibers.  Seersucker is a puckered weave that holds the fabric away from your body.  You don't want skin tight, either. Light, looser-fitting, breezy clothes are cooler, and look cooler, too.

Colors can also convey a cool mood.   Shades of blue from indigo to pale sky blue are always refreshing.  Deeper  blue-greens like turquoise can give a tropical feel, while aqua is fresh, clean, light.

You get the idea.  Don't sweat the heat. Think cool, keep cool.....

But seriously, in the event of extreme heat,  turn on the air-conditioning. Watch out for your pets, too!


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  • Ooooo, man. I remember the days before A/C. As a kid it is not so bad; in those days you were either in the school with no A/C or then outside playing. Your body grew accustomed.

    It was sleeping or trying to sleep at night in dungeon hot rooms. The victorians had it right: many of their houses had sleeping rooms, with windows on three sides and usually on the side of the house, where a natural flow of air would take place.

    Once suburbia arrived, we kids were toasted, literally.

  • Oh yes! It's the nights too hot to sleep...In the BCE (before cellphone era), in Iowa City, college kids would sleep outside on the wraparound front porches of those old Victorian houses--no one would THINK of doing that today.

    But it's always cooler in the basement....

  • In reply to Weather Girl:

    Basements for most kids were where the monsters lived. Most were not fixed up and were like the grainy black and white video you see in horror flicks, or so we thought.

    I'm going way back to SPLOKW (Single phone line on kitchen wall) era.

    In about 1965, my mother had serious back surgery and was in a body cast for six months, so we spent a fortune and got a humongo window A/C that needed outside support brackets and a special 220 line to run it. We had to install it in the dining room, as those were the only windows big enough. We would sleep on the floor beneath the hospital bed.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    What a great story. I can picture the scene, that time...

    On really hot nights, my brother and I did sleep in the unfinished basement, with the monsters, and the dog and the old black-and-white TV, we'd watch spooky shows like One Step Beyond and Outer Limits, too. Scarey stuff!

    Yes, A/C is good to have in a heat wave, like the sweltering forecast for the next few days. It may even save lives.

  • Nice post, WG. Like Richard I grew up before central air. And I slept in the basement (garden living quarters?). Somehow as a kid the heat wasn't a big deal. BTW, I read Richard's posts especially during these hot spells because he's a cool guy.

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  • Thanks for stopping by, Johney. Much appreciate your reading and commenting.

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