An Afternoon at the Museum

Hello, and welcome to Chicago. Right now, it's the opposite of January, but  don't let the heat wave deter you. This is a great time to visit.

What a pretty dress, is that seersucker?  Oh, I love your espadrilles!

So, where are you staying, the Palmer House?  Why, that's right downtown.  You can get anywhere from there.  If you like, you can catch a cab right outside.

You'd rather walk?  Yes, this is a great walking city.  Just a suggestion on a hot day like today--do bring along some water. You can pick up a bottle at Walgreens or CVS.  There's one just around the corner.

You need sunglasses and sunscreen?  You can find them there,  too.

Too hot to venture out too far?  There's a world-class museum just  a couple of  blocks away--the Art Institute of Chicago.

It's known for the French Impressionist collection, but there's also the Thorne Miniature Rooms, Chagall's America Windows, outstanding prints and drawings, photography, Chinese jades, Japanese prints, Aftrican art,  American  art, and more.

Grant Wood's American Gothic is there, and Edward Hopper's Nighthawks.

In the Modern Wing, you can find Joseph Cornell's boxes. There's a sculpture of a tree by Charles Ray called "Hinoki." You can also find Picasso, Dali, Matta, and a gallery full of Gerhard Richter's work, a series called "Ice."  How cool is that?

There's special exhibits going on now, too. You really must go see "Impressionism, Fashion and Modernity."  If you like photography, be sure to check out  Abelardo Morrell: the Universe Next Door.

Lunch?  No need to go outside if you're looking for refreshment. There's a number of choices right in the Museum.

Want to know more? Check out their website for more information.

What a great way to spend an afternoon, in air-conditioned comfort, chilling with great works of art.  And it's open late on Thursdays.  Relax and stay awhile.  Say hello to the Buddhas for me.

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  • So the heat wave has you talking to yourself? Seriously, WG, how about the sad story about the mother who allegedly burned priceless paintings to protect her art thieving son?

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Dear AW, should I plead delirium? It was kind of an experiment, an imagined conversation with a foreign visitor. The art museum is a good place to spend a hot afternoon!
    What a coincidence it's Edward Hopper's birthday today.

    Yes, I did read the story--that is really sad...

  • Well done, Weather Girl! It cheers me up after the sad story of the burned paintings. Sad? Oh wait, where's my thesaurus? Sigh!

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