These Are the Opening Days

If March is the door out of winter, April is that door opening.  Are you ready?

 A chill continues, but  there is an undercurrent in the air, a warmth in the angle of the sun. That first 60-degree day is surprising, isn't it?  But, don't be fooled---it is intoxicating!

How quickly we forget. It's like we never had spring before.  A strange selective memory we have, here. We forget winter, every winter. We forget what it's like to get around in snow and sleet and wind chill. Well, they say this year we had it easy, almost 365 days without snow. That lingering drought, remember?  March brought snow, but not as much as elsewhere. So, the karma of  2011 continues....

Well, forget that, for now.  It's a new season.

Soon those  swelling buds of leaves will give way to a mist of green. Following the pussy willows, we'll see forsythia, with its yellow flowers everywhere. Even taking out the garbage, I am greeted by crocuses blooming.

April is the month of poetry, strawberries and asparagus; also construction, potholes and taxes. But first of all, April is baseball, again.

These first days are challenging weather-wise. It's not sunny and 72. The night games can be  miserable and cold, here. There are games when the only ones  in the upper-deck are  a few die-hards and a kid with a glove hoping to snag a foul ball. Those first hits can sting!

And yet, it's not too early for greatness. Yu Darvish  pitched an almost-perfect gem in Minute-Maid Park last night. The catcher was  A. J. Pierzynski. You remember him. There were 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth. Then, a base hit.  Perfect game, over. Oh, so close!

Those first hits really sting.  Maybe that's the beauty of  baseball, and these opening April days. There's all the possibility and  impermanence of spring, and another game tomorrow....

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  • Well said, Weather Girl -- even for those of us who think of April as the month of thawing ice outside and playoff races inside (in hockey, that is).

  • Thank you, MargaretSerious! Your comments much appreciated, and I promise some hockey and poetry soon...

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