Zombie cocktail, or wintry mix?

The  sky on Monday made me think of one of the best opening lines to a novel, ever---

"The sky was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. "  William Gibson,  Neuromancer.

Yes, overcast gray-- a neutral, shadowless light, the color of melting snow, or a screen.

We could be living in the city of that sky, right now.  The sign on the bank at the corner  flashing time and temperature, in case anybody bothers to look up.

Stumbling among the legions of the sleep-deprived, which is most any day, but the first Monday of DST  seems even more disorienting.  One hour ahead and pitch-dark at 6 a.m. Dark as the dead of winter, again, and the forecast is looking kind of  bleak---

Gray sky, cold and windy, light rain mixed with snow---A real wintry mix.

These March days can feel like February all over again--- You've noticed  the dates on the calendar are the same---Mondays are the same!  If you ever  suspect  (as I do)  that we're living in the Matrix, this is further proof.

But these are Zombie Days, now.  Maybe we should make  that  first Monday  after DST  an unofficial holiday--call it Zombie Monday, why not?  And  Zombie Weather, there's an app for that!

Ok, that's enough. Let's get real here.  We're awake and walking in this world.  In this month of  changing weather,  there's been quite a cocktail, today! A dusting of snow with thick clouds, some sun,  a little sleet, and a little more snow. It's  still light with snow showers at  7 in the evening,  and the pussy willows are opening on the way to Walgreens....


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