What Time Is It Now?

It's time to Spring Forward, again. It's the law---Daylight Saving Time begins March 10 this year, officially at 2:00 a.m.  Set the clocks ahead an hour, don't forget!  Digital clocks will adjust automatically.

Disorienting as this time change is, we go along with it, anyway  (except in Arizona and Hawaii, where presumably they have so much sun and light it doesn't matter).

There used to be some counties in Indiana that kept to standard time, as well--they called it slow time, there. It was so confusing the whole state adopted  DST in 2006.  It is still an issue, in Indiana;  some counties follow Eastern time, and others follow Central time.

Still confused?  Me, too. What happens to that lost hour ?  Oh, that's right, we get it back in November. An extra hour to do whatever.  Midnight becomes eleven, as if nothing happened.

What does DST mean for you and me, now?

There will be more  light in the evenings. As we're getting off the train at 6:30 P.M.,  the sky will be Chase Bank Blue.  It's saving light!  Well, sort of. Shifting is more like it.

In fact, ever since the winter Solstice, we've been getting more light each day. Midway between the Solstice and the vernal Equinox (Ground Hog Day) we really begin to notice it.  And now, it's light  at 6:30 a.m.  After the time shift, it can be quite confusing.

Check the alarm clock, or the glow of your phone. What time is it, anyway?

Nature doesn't care about our clocks and calendars. The trees and birds and animals don't care what time it is. They measure time by light.  Even in winter, increasing light.  And now, approaching the Equinox, they know it's time for Spring.

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