Many Weathers

There's days when the sky never stops, a blue so clear and transparent, you can almost see the future through it.  That sky is sharp, March blue.

March is many weathers, almost but not quite spring. We feel indecisive, too. We want to put away the heavy stuff, the blacks and grays that kept us warm all winter, but it's not time for those flower prints, yet.  So, we ask ourselves, what should I wear in this weather?

Hoodies are the perfect choice!

You can wear them when it's cold and gray, put the hood up against the wind.  When it's warmer in the sun, just put the hood down. And if  it has a zipper and pockets,  you're all set for whatever the day brings.

Like blue jeans and black leather jackets, hoodies are part of  our contemporary uniform. Everyone from students to yoga moms to gangbangers wears hoodies. Grandmas, farmers, too.

You probably  have a hoodie, already. If not, there are thrift stores full of them, in a range of sizes and colors. The choice is up to you.  While you're there, you might even find a little summery thing, something so breezy and cool you can't wait to wear it,  you're thinking of a sunny day in June when that  light aqua shirt would be perfect.

That's the thing about  thrift stores--you never know what you'll find--but there's something for any weather.

I remember a really hot day in July, looking  for a big white summer shirt, only to find a lavender mohair cardigan. Of course, I had to get it!  All the winter stuff was 50% off, too, because  it's 95 degrees outside, and who's going to be wearing mohair?

Well, it was good to have in January, and  fine for this weather, too.  It doesn't have  a hood and pockets, but  it's great with all the blacks and grays, and  I can see it with March blue...

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