Day and Night, Night and Day

Day and Night, Night and Day

Day and night, night and day.  The vernal equinox on Wednesday marks the beginning of astronomical Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  Day and night are equal, in balance on this earth.

It is a time of great possiblilties. Although this is only a  moment in time, it is a part of the continuing cycle of the seasons of which we are a part.

We made it through the dark days, surprised and blinking in the sun. From now on, there will be increasing  daylight until the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, here.  Summer, here we come....

And, today, the remnants of winter are being cleared away by harsh winds-- brutal subzero wind chills!  What could be more fitting for the first day of spring?

 In the park the robins have arrived, looking fat and grumpy. There are  new green shoots under the brown leaves. Although it seems at times our only connection with nature is the weather reports, we are part of this renewal, this rebirth.

It is time for new things.

We are greeted by the sun, and  blue sky.  So spring begins!


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