Big Snow on the Way

Chicago weather leads the news, today --BIG SNOW on the way Tuesday!  Just so you know, they're repeating it over and over, every 10 minutes or so, along with the traffic reports.  Yes, 6-10 inches --possibly even 12 inches!--of blowing, drifting, snow expected, starting in the afternoon.

Are you scared yet? The evening commute should be interesting--no, a real adventure.

Admit it, though, aren't you a little bit excited?  Do you feel a sense of relief?  Yes, the big snow we've waited for all winter is coming, is already on its way.

And  we really  need  the snowfall, here--the trees and cornfields will be welcoming all that water, after the lingering draught we've had through the summer and fall.

It wouldn't be winter  in Chicago without snow,  and lots of it.  This is who we are.

So, even if  it's late in the season, winter's saved the best for last.  Let's get out there!  Get those shovels ready. Ladies and gentlemen, start your snowblowers...


In other weather news, I thought I would pass this along. It's a great story! "Man spots teen walking 10 miles to a job interview and offers him a job."

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