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Hello, and welcome to Chicago Weather Watch, a blog about  life and  the weather in Chicago.

As I write this, weather is happening everywhere.  We live in a world of weather.  It affects everything from the stock market to airline schedules to the numbers of violent crimes.

We  live in changing weather, here. That's one thing we all have in common!  Whoever we are, whatever we do, we share this weather. We  talk about it, too--in elevators and at bus stops, we comment on the weather. We're all weather-watchers, here, and the real meteorologists are held in high esteem. Tom Skilling has over 26,000 followers on Twitter, and yes, I'm one of them.

Forecasts really matter. What's the weather like, today? We need to know what to expect.  We need that five-day forecast, and long-range projections if possible. It's a glimpse of the future, even if it could change at any moment.

Our  weather has history, too. There are meteorological records of  seasons past, blizzards and heat waves, rainfall,  average temperatures.  We have our personal measurements of these numbers. Remember  that heat wave of 1995?   How about Snowpocalypse  (or  Snowmageddon) of 2011?

Yes, it's personal, here. Each of us has our own memories of  falling snow, a spring day,  a summer afternoon, a blue October sky.

Weather is time moving through us. We are living in it, alive here, now.

Consider this blog, if you will, an alternative weather report. As this is my first-ever post, I thought I'd give you  an idea of some of the things I would be writing  about, including, but not limited to--
milkweeds and native plants
what to wear
snows of winters past
signs of spring
summer grass
living by the Lake
public transportation
"good book days"
working outside
the wind at Wrigley Field
seasonal poetry
power outages
growing tomatoes
the smell of rain
cloud appreciation
climate change
the difference between rain, and freezing rain
winter afternoons
resort weather
patchy ground fog
the art of layering
meteor showers
oatmeal weather
Even some meteorology!

Really, that's just the beginning. This  blog will evolve and change with the weather and the seasons. I am so happy to share this weather with you.  I hope you will share your own weather experiences, too. Your questions, comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

Welcome to Chicago Weather Watch!







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