I Left My Heart (and My Problems) Back on Wolfe Island

I Left My Heart (and My Problems) Back on Wolfe Island
Yoga retreats aren’t exactly commonplace for someone in their 20s. Shit, it’s not commonplace for many sane people for that matter. So how did I end up at a tiny yoga retreat between the New York/Canadian border? Pure twist of fate. I came home after selling my EDC Las Vegas VIP passes to this college... Read more »

Advice to New Graduates: Never Lose Sight of What Makes You Happy

My little sister is graduating from DePaul University in June and it’s starting to stir up memories of my own college career. Well, maybe not memories. More like regrets. I loved being in the water since before I can remember. Trips to the swimming pool were always the most joyous parts of my childhood summers.... Read more »

"We Meet Again:" Reconnecting with a Former Online Date

I think it’s funny how the guys I meet through online dating sites happen to pop in and out of my life. When I first started online dating, I met this guy named Jake*. This was around four or five years ago, so my memory is a little hazy. I did, however, remember that he... Read more »

Officially Starting My Quarter-Life Crisis

I celebrated my 25th birthday this week! The weekend prior to my actual birthday involved bottle service at Epic (one of my favorite lounges!), being propositioned by a cute Austrian guy at Social 25, but ending up at this DJ’s place. It was almost TOO much fun. I have the bruises to prove it. (At... Read more »

Living at 931: Sorority Girls in Wrigleyville

As I sit in my pajamas on my all-too-cushioned bed covered in comforters and pillows, I’m listening to Steve Goodman’s “A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request.” You can have a listen to it here. I’ve lived on the North Shore my entire life and am proud to be a Cubs fan. If there’s anything I’ve learned... Read more »


Did you know that first episode of a television series is typically named “Pilot?” I just hit you with some knowledge. You’re welcome. As much as I’d like to think that my life is just one giant sitcom made out to humor God, in reality I’m just trying to navigate through the expectations and obstacles... Read more »