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Matt Forte and the Realities of the Deadly Game

Matt Forte and the Realities of the Deadly Game
I’m not sure it has hit Matt Forte…yet. Down the road, while being carted off the Soldier Field turf (or any other field, for that matter), he might realize how different business is in the National Football League compared to years ago. It wasn’t that long ago that Walter Payton slammed through defenders across the... Read more »

Chicago Tough Podcast: Bears Review at Oakland

Tonight, Alex and I talk about the Bears’ loss in Oakland, other sports happenings, and his life in Vancouver.

Super Bears, Super Letdown

Super Bears, Super Letdown
Well, my visions of Wilber Marshall chugging 52 yards to clinch a National Football Conference crown went by the wayside. Mainly because Marshall doesn’t play anymore, and apparently the Bears think that a sweep to Earl Bennett was going to send them to the promised land. I blame nobody for this loss.  The Green Bay... Read more »

Chicago Tough Game Review: Bears 31, Eagles 26

Chicago Tough Game Review:  Bears 31, Eagles 26
I figure that since 1986 I’ve watched around 400 Bears games. Today’s game was in the Top 10 of ‘most fun’ games I’ve watched. The Bears were able to run and throw all over the Eagles.  The return game excelled.  The defense was able to contain Michael Vick and provide pressure. Let’s get to the... Read more »

Chicago Tough Game Review (10/16) Seattle Seahawks 23, Chicago Bears 20

The Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears did whatever they could to give away Sunday’s game at Soldier Field. The NFL, however, dictates that one team must become victorious in a regular season match (unless the game is tied after 15 minutes of overtime). The Seahawks won the match, the Bears lost a golden opportunity, and the... Read more »

Bears at Panthers (10/10) Game Review: The Todd Collins Experiment

You know the old guy at the rec center who wears jacked up socks and tight shorts? He’s usually wearing a t-shirt of a place where he just went on vacation. He keeps asking you if he can get in to a game. Nobody wants to let him in because he’s old; he’s been clanking... Read more »

Game Thoughts: Lions at Bears (9/12/10)

They say that there are a couple ways to win a football game.  You need to be able to: 1. Run the ball 2. Stop the run 3. Control the clock 4. Don’t turn the ball over 5. Let a defender catch a ball in the endzone during the final moments of a game so that... Read more »