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Chicago Tough Weekly College and Pro Picks October 1st and 2nd

Chicago Tough Weekly College and Pro Picks October 1st and 2nd
Happy Birthday to my grandfather who would have been 89 today.  I’m sure he’s upstairs watching Nova or something.  Good man. In the football world, it seems as though my little phenom ‘The Jackster’ has taken the gambling world by storm.  You’ll probably see him on one of those Saturday morning infomercials telling people about... Read more »

Chicago Tough Weekly Picks (10/30-10/31)

What’s spookier than Halloween?  My NFL picks.  Yikes! College: 13-11 Pro: 7-14 Overall: 20-25 Hey, everybody can get off to a rough start…even the best of them, like my buddy Jimmy the Greek, here. This week, we’re going to ghoulishly make some grave picks.  Does that sentence even work?  Why am I even trying to... Read more »

Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (10/2-10/3)

So, what can you do?  Last week, I was punished with an 0-3 NFL slate.  What did I do to deserve this beautiful smile? Is it even worth betting on the NFL anymore?  Back in 1986, you knew who the bad teams were:  Buffalo, Houston, Tampa, Indy, Green Bay, Detroit, Atlanta.  It wasn’t that tough... Read more »

Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (9/11)

Here at Chicago Tough we pick 3 college games and 3 pro games to take a look at. Last week, it was only college football…here’s the breakdown…damn late Notred Dame field goal! College: 1-2 Pro: 0-0 Total: 1-2 Here are my college picks: Washington (-13 1/2) vs. Syracuse Listen to my guy, Johnny…He’s a good... Read more »