Blackhawks vs. Red Wings: A Look Back (Final Western Conference Regular Season Meeting)

No two teams in the history of the National Hockey League have locked horns more than the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks.  The teams have met 723 times in the regular season.  They've met 15 times in the playoffs; playing fairly even (Hawks lead 8-7).

Next year, the Detroit Red Wings will be moving to the Eastern Conference to play more games in their time zone.  The rivalry, which was heated in the 30's, 60's, and 90's will have gone by the wayside.

Today, let's look at some of MY favorite moments from the rivalry. As usual, I wasn't able to find all of the highlights I wanted. There was nothing from the Blackhawks upset victory in '89. I couldn't find Sutter's game clinching goal during Game 4 of the Norris Semis, either!

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