Guy at Bar Thinks You Really Care About his Bracket Results

Guy at Bar Thinks You Really Care About his Bracket Results
It's the dude on the right.

ELMWOOD PARK - At the Idle Hour bar, most people know to stay away from Frederick Carter.  Unfortunately, on this weekend, people couldn't avoid him.

"He'd just come up next to you with his bracket and start talking about how he had La Salle, why nobody likes Oregon, and that he still has three of his Final Four still alive.  Then he just started screaming 'Florida Gulf Coast!'  He did that at least twice an hour."

Carter upset even more people since he filled out 18 different brackets.  Carter would shout out the results, and if he had the correct winner in each bracket.

"Aw!  My southern bracket has been just mutilated!" shouted the annoying Carter.  The prognosticator loved to tell people how he came up with his different brackets.

"I have my true bracket, my first round upset bracket, my second round upset bracket, my Big Ten bracket, my all-midwest bracket, I have a bracket where only teams from the south advance, I've got one with the best nicknames, one with my favorite colors advancing (green and gold), I've got one with the letters A-H advancing, I've got one where I only pick private schools going deep, then I've got a public school one, and I've got one that I picked the winners out of a hat, I did one with a computer simulation, and all my others were filled out by this handicapped man by my bus stop."

Who wants to take out Carter?

"He tips well," says Idle Hour owner Pat O'Kelly.  "We can't kick out a guy that tips that well.  But we told him that we're closed for repairs next week.  If I hear 'Florida Gulf Coast!' one more time, I'm gonna shoot somebody."

Carter insists that college basketball is better than the NBA because the kids 'just try harder' and 'play defense'.

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