DePaul Students Rush Court After Team Takes 13-11 Lead on Pittsburgh

DePaul Students Rush Court After Team Takes 13-11 Lead on Pittsburgh
They did it!

ROSEMONT - Cleveland Melvin's dunk at the 14:36 mark sent Allstate Arena into a tizzy.

The DePaul Blue Demons, who sit at the bottom of the Big East standings, rushed the court to congratulate the monstrous occasion.  DePaul students, stuck watching the oft-pathetic display of basketball, rushed the court to meet their team.

"We'll remember this forever," said DePaul student Frank Aponzo.  "This will be something to tell my grandkids.  My father had the '79 team, and we'll have this moment!"

The dunk put the Demons up 13-11.  The game was stopped by the referees to mark the moment.  DePaul head coach Oliver Purnell grabbed the P.A. microphone to congratulate the fans.

"It's you who made this moment happen!"

DePaul president Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider then informed the fans of how this moment would be remembered.

"This important time in DePaul history will be forever linked to our mission.  That is why we will be raising a banner in honor of this moment.  It will go next to our 1979 Final Four banner...somewhere between Terry Cummings and Mark Aguirre's retired numbers.  This moment of greatness matches all DePaul memories!"

As confetti dropped, the Pittsburgh Panthers planned on their next move.  Pittsburgh would oustscore DePaul 68-51 the rest of the way.

"It means nothing; the score," said DePaul coach Oliver Purnell.  "What we gained today was respect.  Pitt now knows that whenever they come into this building that we won't fall asleep for those first 10 minutes...we'll just wait for the final 30."

DePaul is currently 11-20 and 2-16 in the Big East.

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