Rajon Rondo's ACL Tear Not As Good As Rose's Either

Rajon Rondo's ACL Tear Not As Good As Rose's Either

BOSTON - As if not being as good as Derrick Rose wasn't worse enough, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo received word late Monday that his ACL tear isn't as bad as Rose's either.

"It's pretty obvious that this is a tear," stated Dr. Henry Fleischmann.  "However, the tear itself is nowhere near to the extent of Derrick Rose's last year.  Which is kind of an odd parallel.  It's like Rondo's injury is just a cheap imitation of Rose's...much like how Rondo as a player is just a cheap imitation of Rose.  See what I did there?  Turned the tables on ya.  Why is a doctor making sports observations instead of just doing my job?  Well, I'm a doctor of life, too.  And as a doctor of life I can tell you that this is the most overrated ACL tear I've seen in my life.  Kind of like how Rondo is the most overrated point guard I've seen in my life....okay, I'll stop."

Rondo's injury will put him out for the rest of the season.  The injury will put a serious damper on the Boston Celtics' chances of advancing in the playoffs.

Last season, Derrick Rose's injury in the post-season destroyed the Chicago Bulls' championship hopes.

"I can see where they're hurting," said Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau.  "We lost a player with Hall of Fame talent, and they lost...um...well...an all-star.  They lost an all-star.  That's a shame.  We were really looking forward to Derrick coming back and abusing him like he does whenever the meet each other.  They'll have to find another point guard to kick the ball out to Pierce for easy jumpers.  That'll be tough."

Rose is scheduled to return in late February.

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