Chicago Tough 2013 'We're Not Sure You'll Make it to 2014' Pool

Chicago Tough 2013 'We're Not Sure You'll Make it to 2014' Pool

We might be getting a little soft around the edges here at Chicago Tough.

We changed the name of our annual morbid predictions from 'The Chicago Tough Death Pool' to 'The Chicago Tough 'We're Not Sure You'll Make it to 2014' Pool'.

'Death Pool' sounds like Chicago Tough has no regard for human life.  We do.  We have respect for life.  So much respect, in fact, that we've put all of our names first in our predictions.  We understand that any of us can leave this world at any time.

Anywho, let's stop with the soft crap and get to the real predictions.

Our 'Death Panel' are Chicago Tough founders John Dooley (me) and Jim Leo.  Jim's tennis partner Erika, my college friend Pat, my wife Mollie, and the man...the myth...The Brent.  Will you ever meet these people?  Probably not.  I don't bring them to any of the cool events I would de-cool my cool.

The 2012 winner was...ME!  Moose Skowron!  Thank you, thank you, (taking a bow).

This year, we have a point system.  If somebody you elected passes away, you take their age and subtract it from 100.  This amount gives you points for the rest of the year.   Whoever finishes with the most points wins (And really, are there any winners in this?  (pause)  Okay, yeah, there are).  Sickening.  I know.

We did the death draft in a fantasy-football like 'snake method'.  In parantheses you will see if somebody elected the individual in a previous year.

Here are our elections:


Brent - Muhammad Ali (Brent 1st '12)

Mollie - Jerry Kill

John - Marv Levy (Erik 4th '11, Jim 5th '12)

Erika - Bud Collins

Jim - Ralph Wilson (Jim 1st '11, Jim 10th '12)

Pat - Virginia McCaskey (Brent 1st '11, Jim 2nd '12)

Round 2:

Pat - Mike Ditka (Brent 7th '12)

Jim - Pat Summerall (Erik 1st '11, Brent 9th '12)

Erika - Dick Enberg

John - Mark Grace

Mollie - William Perry (Jim 2nd '11, John 7th '12)

Brent - Iron Sheik

Round 3:

Brent - Hawk Harrelson (Brent 2nd '11, Brent 3rd '12)

Mollie - Tony LaRussa (Mollie 2nd '12)

John - Ara Parseghian

Erika - Dennis Rodman (Jim 5th '11, Brent 4th '12)

Jim - Verne Lundquist (Brent 3rd '11)

Pat - Joe Torre

Round 4:

Pat - Lou Holtz (Pat 2nd '12)

Jim - Ozzie Guillen

Erika - Scottie Pippen

John - Dwight Gooden (John 6th '12)

Mollie - Chad OchoCinco

Brent - George Foreman

Round 5:

Brent - Bobby Bowden (Brent 5th '12)

Mollie - John Madden (Pat 1st '11, John 4th '12)

John - Larry Robertson

Erika - Nikolay Davydenko

Jim - Barry Switzer

Pat - Terry Bradshaw

Round 6:

Pat - Lenny Dykstra

Jim - Mike Richardson (Brent 8th '12)

Erika - Margaret Court

John - Bobby Hull (John 4th '11, John 2nd '12)

Mollie - Ed Sabol

Brent - Minnie Minoso (Brent 2nd '12)

Round 7:

Brent - Buddy Ryan (Michael 3rd '11, Brent 10th '12)

Mollie - Brent Musberger

John - Stan Mikita (Brent 5th '11,

Erika - Lindsay Vonn

Jim - Bode Miller

Pat - Don Zimmer

Round 8:

Pat - Bill Parcells

Jim - Willie Mays (John 2nd '11)

Erika - Oksana Baiul

John - Bob Love

Mollie - Andy Reid

Brent - Tom Seaver

Round 9:

Brent - Bud Adams

Mollie - Kirk Gibson

John - John Thompson

Erika - Sammy Sosa

Jim - Jimmy Piersall (Pat 4th '12)

Pat - Vin Scully (Steve 2nd '11)

Round 10:

Pat - Whitey Herzog

Jim - Bobby Knight (Pat 7th '12)

Erika - Barry Bonds

John - Red Schoendienst

Mollie - Sam Bowie

Brent - Carlton Fisk

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