Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (November 10th/11th)

Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (November 10th/11th)

The second I start thinking I'm God's greatest gift to gambling, I read stories about how Vegas had their worst weekend in history. Whatever. I've been pounding it all year the dream. Last week, I went 5-1...3-0 on the college side and 2-1 in the NFL. I feel like I should be one of those guys you used to see on Saturday mornings in the 1980's; yelling at the TV and telling you to call my 1-800 number for my pick of the week...or pick of the year...or pick of the AFC of the year. Why did those guys always seem to have a 'pick of the year' every week? Questions that will never yield answers.

Anyways, here are the figures:

Last Week: 3-0
Season: 14-15-1 (yuck)

Last Week: 2-1
Overall: 15-8-1 (14-4 in last 18!)

TOTAL: 29-23-2

Notre Dame at Boston College (+19.5)

For some reason, this line barely moved after opening at 20.  Boston College has given Notre Dame fits for years, and this year will be no different in Chestnut Hill.  People like to cite the 1993 game, but true Irish fans know about the multiple beatings from BC since then.  Notre Dame, like the Cowboys and other popular teams, gets heavy money put up due to their popularity.  ND is only 5-4 against the spread.  BC is horrific against the run.  The Irish will pile up yards on the ground, but don't expect a runaway victory.  While the Irish have played well on the road, but BC played well against Miami, Clemson, and Maryland at home...making their 2-7 record somewhat deceiving going into this game.  Don't expect BC to put up a lot of points, but ND won't run it up...they'll chew up clock.  Notre Dame 20, Boston College 9

Wisconsin at Indiana (O55)

The Badgers have been able to put up points against some bad teams...even though the Hoosiers offense hasn't necessarily lit it up the last couple weeks, I still expect them to get at least 20. Wisconsin 38, Indiana 21

Northwestern (+9 1/2) at Michigan

You know how I've been telling you all year that I'm staying away from picking with Northwestern and Notre Dame?  It always backfires, but I feel pretty strongly about this one. Nobody is sure if Denard Robinson is going to play.  I'm not sure it's going to matter.  Northwestern plays everybody tough, and I just can't see them losing this game by double digits.  Michigan 27, Northwestern 26

Houston at Chicago (O 40)

This is more about Houston's offense.  The Texans' offense is a well-oiled machine.  Have they seen a defense like the Bears?  No.  The difference for the Bears in this game, however, is that they are finally facing a team that doesn't turn over the ball.  The Texans have a small but effective offensive line.  The Texans will get their 20 points in this matter what.  For the Bears, you still feel that 7 points on special teams or defense is a given (even with Houston's inability to turn the ball over).  Expect a big game from Forte.  The Bears will have to run screens to offset the Texans' pass rush.  Houston 27, Chicago 20

Kansas City at Pittsburgh (-12 1/2)

I feel bad about this game.  Really bad.  But I just have to pick it.  I don't need to give reasons.  Pittsburgh 31, Kansas City 13

N.Y. Giants (-3 1/2) at Cincinnati

I feel bad about this pick, too.  I think Vegas got P'O'd about their week last week...they've come up with some good numbers.  I like the Giants coming off of losses.  NY Giants 31, Cincinnati 20

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