National Football League officials pounced on their most hated team, the Green Bay Packers, forcing the men in green to blow a 21-3 lead early Sunday.

“You would think that after the past couple weeks we’d receive some compassion…apparently not,” said a distraught Donald Driver.

The Packers were forced to blow an 18 point lead when refs intervened by making the Packers play poorly.

 “I could sit here and talk about how we just gave up the most passing yards to any rookie Colts quarterback ever, or how we gave up eight first downs on third down, or how we let them beat us in time of possession by 10 minutes, or how we let their premier receiver get 13 catches for 212 yards…I want to talk about how the refs blew this game,” said Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. 

The feelings about the Colts game were similar to the opener against San Francisco.

 “It’s the same thing as the San Francisco and Seattle games,” said Charles Woodson.  “We go out against Frisco and give up six yards per carry and commit 10 penalties…and then those officials make those crappy calls.  Before you know it, we lose 30-22.  Just isn’t fair.

The terribly officiated game against Indianapolis came just weeks after the Packers’ stunning 14-12 defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks.

“You wanna talk about a joke, look at the officials,” said Packers all-pro quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  “Against Seattle we had 10 penalties and eight sacks against us…yada,yada,yada…that was an interception in the end zone, and the world knows it!”

Next week, the Packers plan on getting screwed by the refs in Houston, as well.

“What else do you want from them?” asked oft-injured Packers receiver Greg Jennings.  “We’ll go out there and give up 450 yards passing, 200 yards on the ground, and get sacked 10 times against Houston…and we’ll STILL probably get screwed by the refs.”

The Packers play the Texans next Sunday night.

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