Jon Gruden Just Had the Best Sandwich He's Ever Tasted in the History of the National Football League

Jon Gruden Just Had the Best Sandwich He's Ever Tasted in the History of the National Football League

by Jon Gruden

I know many people spend time writing in editorial/op-ed sections about the Middle East, health care, mid-term elections, local politics, etc.

But let me tell you...about something I just tasted...I'm telling you right now, this is the best sandwich I've ever had in my life.

To think that there were other sandwiches before this is an absolute atrocity.  When you look at a sandwich like this: pure white bread, fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, grade A angus beef, yellow mustard, blue cheese, fresh cheddar...when you get a sandwich like this, you realize just how great sandwiches are.

Now, I've tasted other sandwiches.  I'm sure that there are other people in the National Football League who have sandwiches that they believe compare with this sandwich...but they haven't looked close enough at this sandwich.

This bacon cheeseburger deluxe makes all of the sides dishes around it better.

You look at the potato salad, the corn on the cob, the fresh baked beans and coleslaw...put these things together, and you have a plate, and I mean a plate filled with potential.

You gotta respect a burger that can demand this much attention.  I know that their have been other sandwiches before this:  The BLT, the burger, the plain cheeseburger, the club, the frisco melt, the patty melt...many people might like those sandwiches.  But I'm talkin' here about a fresh bacon cheeseburger.  And not just an ordinary bacon cheeseburger, but the best bacon cheeseburger in the National Football League.

To put in it political perspective for you reading this other op-ed crap, let me put it to you this way: This double cheeseburger is the Abraham Lincoln of sandwiches.  A BLT is like Richard Nixon...sure, you remember him, but at the end, you almost feel like you were cheated.  A plan cheeseburger is like Teddy Roosevelt; a good guy who just gets the job done.  Frisco melt?  That's a love-hate type Reagan.  I either you love the frisco melt or you don't like the frisco melt.

I'll put it to you other folks like this...the bacon cheeseburger is the best sandwich in the National Football League because everything compliments each other.  Look at the bun soaking in the grease, take a look at the fresh tomato that cools off the burger and gives it a ketchup-like kick, see the lettuce give it that cool snap, and the blue cheese that gives it that robust flavor.  That's a sandwich, folks.  You think other sandwiches can compliment itself like that?  No chance.  To stand up in front of the sandwich pressure, to stand up under the spotlight and deliver like this is a testament to the heart and soul of the bacon cheeseburger.

You're telling me you can find a better sandwich?

Try me.


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