Chicago Tough Picks of the Week October 6th and 7th

Chicago Tough Picks of the Week October 6th and 7th

So, if you haven't noticed...I'm on a bit of a roll.

No needs for the details; just know that I'm tearin' stuff up.  On to the picks.


Illinois at Wisconsin (-14 1/2)

How have I done so well, this year?  Well, I think one of the reasons is that I've stayed away from betting with college teams that I care about: NU, ILL, and ND.  This week...I have to take some liberties.  I'm not sure the entire nation knows just how putrid this Illini squad is.  They're about to find out...even against a struggling Badger squad.  Wisconsin 44, Illinois 14

Miami, Fla. (+14) at Notre Dame

Georgia Tech and NC State aren't world-beaters.  However, Miami dropped 42 and 44 points on them respectively.  This is a Canes team that deserves more votes than it has outside the Top 25.  Notre Dame's defense has been stellar.  Miami's defense can't stop...well...anything.  Just don't expect the Irish to run away.  Notre Dame 27, Miami, Fla. 24

West Virginia at Texas (O 73 1/2)

That's right.  I'm batsh-- crazy.  The numbers match, though....I'm just gonna walk away slowly.  West Virginia 42, Texas 38


Chicago (-5 1/2) at Jacksonville

Beware of easy picks.  Beware of 'too good to be true' lines.  I'm throwing caution to the wind.  Chicago 27, Jacksonville 16

San Diego at New Orleans (O 53)

San Diego can rack up points, and will do so easily against the horrific Saints defense.  Sean Payton will be in the crowd, though.  Look for the Saints to be amped.  New Orleans 31, San Diego 28

Cleveland at N.Y. Giants (-8 1/2)

This line is low due to some inconsistent play by the Giants. You wanna know what cures inconsistent play?  The Cleveland Browns.  NY Giants 30, Cleveland 13

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