Chicago Tough Future Article: 2025-Robert Griffin IV Tells Dad "I just wanna dance!"

Chicago Tough Future Article: 2025-Robert Griffin IV Tells Dad "I just wanna dance!"

WASHINGTON D.C., Year 2025- Robert Griffin III is finishing up a Hall of Fame career with the Washington Redskins. His performance has forever linked him with other Redskins quarterback greats: Baugh, Jurgensen, Kilmer, and Theismann.

His own name, Robert Griffin, has been handed down through generations.  These are generations of hard-working men.  His grandfather ran a construction company from scratch.  His father served in the Army. 

With this lineage of greatness, Griffin named his first son Robert Lee Griffin IV.  Entering his 12th year, Griffin IV was set to embark on his first season of football...but there was one problem.

Robert Griffin IV has no interest in football.

"I just wanna dance," said the son of the 13 year NFL veteran field general.  "I have all of this pressure to be this tough as nails SOB...and to tell you the truth, Robert Lee Griffin IV just wants to dance the night away.  I want some old Gaga, a bit of Depeche Mode, boom some Blondie, pop down some sangria, and just let loose."

Most of America has waited for the younger Robert Griffin to blossom into another great athlete.  Griffin is extremely talented...he excels at basketball, flag football, trumpet, acting, and on the school's dance team.

"So, everybody has been waiting around for this great transformation.  I'm supposed to be this great fulfillment of talent.  Well, guess what?  I still am.  I'm just going to be talented as a dancer.  I'll be touching down...on the dance floor...bit---."

Robert Griffin III could not be reached for comment.

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