Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (9/22-9/23)

Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (9/22-9/23)

Well, well, well.  Last weekend wasn't the best of weekends.  You can tell by the fact that I refuse to put up my stats from the previous weekend.  To tell you the truth, I find early season betting to be a total crapshoot.

Many of you know that through the years I hit my stride in late October and don't stop looking at these.  You're about to see the comeback that can only be done by wizards...or Jimmy the Greek.

This weekend, I plan on catching some of the early games...then I'll be headed to a barbecue where I'll try to not hear the Notre Dame/Michigan score.  Then, I'll watch ND and ask myself why I keep rooting for a team who is coached by a man with little class.  I can't stop it.  I have a problem.  I believe in the school and what it stands for...I believe in what their program does overall...but I find the situations that happened over the past two years reprehensible.

But I still watch.  Why?  I dunno.  I grew up with them, and all of the hate they get from winning gives me some sick joy.  Either which way, ND being good is good for college football.  Plus, I can't stand Michigan.  I have no reservations when it comes to this particular game.  I despise the Wolverines.

Let's get to the picks!


Akron (+33) at Tennessee

I really like what Tennessee is doing under Derek Dooley.  Now, I don't like him because we share the same last name....although it doesn't hurt.  The Vols have rebuilt their program the right way, and will be a threat in the SEC for years to come.  What I don't understand is how an up and coming team like UT can get 33 points against a MAC squad...I don't care, Terry Bowden is at Akron. I'm going out on a limb, but younger teams don't just bust out like this.  Tennessee 38, Akron 13

Kansas State (+16) at Oklahoma

I'm with the growing number of people who feel Oklahoma might be a tad overrated.  After struggling in their opener against UTEP, the questions started rumbling.  K-State's Bill Snyder squads always show up in big games.  Win?  Eh...but showing up, yes.  I'm on the side that OU might not be everything people say.  Oklahoma 24, Kansas State 23

Arizona at Oregon (-21 1/2)

Do I think Arizona is a bad team?  Quite to the contrary.  'Zona is going to be playing spoiler quite a bit in the Pac-12 over the next couple years.  However, playing in Eugene against the Ducks' offense?  That's a problem for a team that gave up 38 to Oklahoma State.  Oregon 56, Arizona 28


Green Bay at Seattle (+3)

The Packers haven't gotten their offense together.  Take away a big return against San Francisco and a fake field goal against Chicago, and the Packers offense has produced 31 points over two games.  Now, against a team like Seattle they should be able to right the ship...right?  Here's the problem.  Aaron Rodgers loves to audible.  Problem: Seattle is the loudest stadium in the league, and leads the NFL in opposing teams' false starts over the past 10 years.  You figure that the discombobulated Packers offensive line can protect Rodgers without communication?  Russell Wilson got a bit more comfortable last week, too.  I'm not just picking Seattle to cover...but to win: Seattle 23, Green Bay 20

Houston at Denver (O 44 1/2)

As I've said before, if a number looks's because Vegas knows something we don't.  If it's too good to be probably is.  So, how can two high powered offenses come away with an over/under of 44 1/2?  Do people really think that Peyton Manning's turnovers are a precursor to what we'll be seeing for the rest of the year?  I don't think so.  Manning will get his yards and points...and Denver's defense, which over-performed last season, will run into trouble against the dynamic Houston offense.  Houston 34, Denver 21

New England at Baltimore (- 2 1/2)

This isn't me overreacting to the Patriots' pathetic loss last week to the Arizona Cardinals.  I thought before the season that New England gets acclaim from the pundits many times by just...well...being the Patriots.  I just don't see the physical trademark of Patriots teams of the past.  Baltimore lost a physical game last week at Philadelphia.  Back at home, Harbaugh is nearly unbeatable as a coach.  28-5...I'll have that, please.  Baltimore 26, New England 20


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