Chicago Tough Picks (NFL Week 1, College Week 2)

Chicago Tough Picks (NFL Week 1, College Week 2)

For those of you who saw my posts on Facebook, I posted a record of 1-2.  I got through the Air Force pick, but Notre Dame and Northwestern struggled to victories.  I thought ND would be able to run the ball better against Purdue and I also thought Vandy would take it to NU defense.

Wrong and wrong.

So, I'll try to pick it up on the NFL end:

Indianapolis at Chicago (U43)

43?  Really?  With a banged up defensive backfield and a weak Brian Urlacher?  The Bears will struggle with the pass rush...and I'll make you a guarantee:  Luck will throw for over 250.  That's a lock in my book.  My actual prediction is around 300.  Why?  Well, the Colts should be playing from behind...and the Bears defense, per usual, will be playing to not give up the big play.

With Chicago's offense against the Indy defense, I'm not sure how this line came up.  As we all know, Vegas knows their stuff.  Here though, I'm easily taking the over: Chicago 34, Indianapolis 17

Washington at New Orleans (-7 1/2)

Anybody else think that the Saints are gonna come out roaring after getting their guys back?  RGIII will make some spectacular plays, but I think the Saints pull away late: New Orleans 37, Washington 24

San Francisco at Green Bay (U 46 1/2)

Anybody else think that the Packers offensive line will struggle against the Niners D?  I do.  Plus, the sometimes simplistic Niners offense won't light up the scoreboard.  Rodgers will still get his yards and TDs...but I can't think this score will reach this line.  Especially early in the year; when offenses are still trying to catch up to the defenses.  Green Bay 24, San Francisco 17

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