RedEye 5 on 5 and Other Thoughts: Text 'tue4' to 87708 to vote for me

RedEye 5 on 5 and Other Thoughts: Text 'tue4' to 87708 to vote for me

Wuddup folks!  This week at Chicago Tough we've got some pretty big announcements going on (no joke)...I'll keep you informed.

So, the White Sox start a gigantor (yes, that's a new word I invented...gigantor) series with the Texas Rangers.  The winner of the best-of-three set reigns supreme over the world...okay, they just get a leg up in their respective divisional races, but...yeah, whatever.  It's another chance to work on your Yu Darvish jokes.

The Cubs, yes those Cubs, have won four straight and six of their last seven.  Holy TOLEDO!  Anthony Rizzo, or as I call him 'The RZA', has lived up to expectations.  More importantly, just his presence in the lineup lessens other Cubs players from squeezing the sawdust a 'lil too hard.  Marmol has been pitching better; which is huge prior to the deadline.  Plus, LaHair might be getting his swing back.  Dempster had a workout today...things are looking up for the deadline moves.  Oh, and Ian Stewart is out for the year.  So things are REALLY looking up.  Just kidding, we wish you a speedy recover Mr. Stewart!  (Like in November)

The Blackhawks signed a defenseman; Sheldon Brookbank comes from Anaheim.  Word is he's 'tough' and has 'grit'.  Ugh.

The Bears, trust me, the Bears start soon...only a matter of weeks.

The Bulls are thinking long and hard about Omer Asik...yeah...thinking long and hard about him is probably the wrong thing...just a hunch.

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