Top 10 All-Time White Sox and Cubs Secret Trade Deadline Moves

Top 10 All-Time White Sox and Cubs Secret Trade Deadline Moves

The Chicago baseball world received some good news over the weekend.  The Chicago White Sox made a move to obtain Boston Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis.  The Chicago Cubs finally promoted first base prospect Anthony Rizzo.  Both moves have piqued the interest of both fan bases.

These moves are sure to have a decent impact on the future of both clubs.  However, other pre-trade deadline moves were made in the past; each of these quietly changed the fortunes of our beloved teams.

1909- Cubs owner Charles Murphy trades one of Three Finger Brown's fingers to the New York Giants for box seats to Broadway's King Lear.  Two Finger Brown sucks and John Barrymore is horrific as Lear.  The Cubs never win another title.

1919- White Sox owner Charlie Comiskey trades his bat boys for thirty cents.  He then walks to the street corner and pelts the kids with thirty pennies.  For some unknown reason, the players don't like him and throw the World Series.

1969- Days before the trade deadline, the Cubs trade a black cat to the Mets as a joke. Man!  That was hilarious!  Oh,  No, it wasn't.

1983- The Cubs trade Scott Fletcher, Pat Tabler, Randy Martz and Dick Tidrow to the White Sox in exchange for Steve Trout and Warren Brusstar in the world famous 'My Crap for Your Crap Trade of 1983.'

1986- During a horrendous season, the Cubs make a last ditch effort to salvage their season.  They confront Dennis Eckersley to trade alcohol for sobriety.  The trade doesn't go through.  The A's pick him up on waivers.

1989 - The moribund last place White Sox try to reverse fortunes by trading a mustachioed Ozzie Guillen for a non-mustachioed Ozzie Guillen.  The White Sox still finish last...and the world loses a truly great moustache.

1992-  Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray trades his cups of Budweiser for bottles of Pepsi during broadcasts.  Fortunately for him, his Pepsi bottles contain Budweiser.

2000- White Sox manager Jerry Manuel signs a smile to a two-second contract.

2005- White Sox and Cubs sign agreement in late June to make sure Will Ohman always has somewhere to pitch.

2010- Cubs sign a person before the trade deadline to specifically poke Lou Piniella with a stick to make sure he isn't dead.

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