Cubs to Comfort White Sox After Blown Save; Vow to be Swept

Cubs to Comfort White Sox After Blown Save; Vow to be Swept

Cubs players sat in their locker room prior to a Sunday night tilt with the Boston Red Sox.  Their eyes were not fixated on game sheets or scouting reports...the Cubs were watching the Chicago White Sox blow a late lead to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

And boy, did it sting.

"It's gonna be really tough to go out there today," stated Cubs utility man Jeff Baker.  "We gave them three games earlier this year.  We root for them throughout the season...So...we thought they could probably use three more wins.  So, don't feel bad Sox fans.  You'll get your win streak back."

White Sox fans flooded The Score after the painful 2-1 loss.  The White Sox blew a 1-0 lead in the ninth inning after Addison Reed blew his first save.  Afterwards, Matt Thornton came on in the 10th to give up the winning run.  The relief efforts wasted an eight inning gem by Jose Quintana...who only threw 77 pitches.

"I know the guys are upset," stated White Sox manager Robin Ventura.  "But they need to understand something.  I need to cut them down and then bring them up.  Listen, I knew Reed would blow it.  I knew we would lose.  A blown loss makes you tougher.  Follow up that blown save with three victories over the Cubs, and now you're talking confidence!"

The Cubs were swept in their first series this year at Wrigley Field.

"We're looking forward to getting blown out," said diminutive Cubs outfielder Tony Campana.  "I was thinking of doing that silly swinging bunt the whole series.  You know, just a little tap to the third baseman.  Maybe misjudge a fly ball or into know, just kind of mix things up."

The Cubs bullpen has struggled mightly this season.  Even with these struggles, Cubs manager Dale Sveum moved the beleaguered Carlos Mamol back into the closer's role.  His reasoning was simple.

"We really need to make sure we get swept," opined Sveum.  "This has to get done.  For the city, for their fans, for everybody.  We can do this by making sure than even if we take the lead, we can find a way to give it back.  Carlos gives us that chance."

The White Sox will begin their sweept of the Cubs at 7:10 p.m. CST tonight.

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