Cubs History Studies Continue Until Saturday; My Top Five Bulls Moments

Some of you might now, and some of you may not...but I'm going to be a contestant on The Batter's Box on Comcast SportsNet.  This will entail studying mad amounts of Cubs history.

While I've been going over it for two weeks, the last two days have been FULL THROTTLE.  Taping is in 15 hours, and I can't let a minute waste. Therefore, unfortunately, no articles will post until late Saturday AT THE EARLIEST.  The reason for this being that if I win tomorrow, then I have more taping on Sunday.

So, until then, let's do some YouTube clips...My favorite games in Bulls history:

Okay, so my favorite moments don't involve championship victories.  Don't worry, don't worry, I LOVED the victory in Phoenix in '93, Jordan crying on Father's Day in '96, Kerr's big shot in '97, or Jordan's dagger in '98.  Love the 'Flu Game'.  Loved it.  But these are my top five; five games that gave me the most joy.

1) Bulls defeat Cavaliers, 101-100, Game 5 NBA Playoffs First Round (Bulls win series 3-2)

I've written about this game, oooh, maybe 94 times in my life.  The Bulls finished fifth in the central.  They went 47-35, and seemed to be going backwards after '88.  The Cavs went 6-0 against the Bulls in the regular season and finished 57-25.  Many might not believe this (if you're not old enough to remember), but the Cavs were thought of to be a real threat to the Pistons in '89.  In my world the '89 Cavs, not the '92 or '07 Cavs, is the greatest Cavs team of all-time.  Four all-stars with an all-star coach.  Jordan had a chance to seal it with free throws in Game 4 at Chicago Stadium...but that did not happen.  Jordan returned to Richfield Coliseum...and...well...the rest is history.

2) Bulls defeat Knicks, Game 5, 1993 Eastern Conference Finals (Bulls would win series 4-2)

The only time during Jordan's real seasons with the Bulls (This is post '91; please don't count '95, he didn't have his legs) that I feared the Bulls losing was the 1993 Eastern Finals.  The Knicks were the better team in '93.  I really believe that.  The Knicks outplayed the Bulls in MSG, led 2-0, and had the Bulls up against the wall.  In Games 3 and 4, the Bulls executed the triangle offense in a manner that was never seen before or since.  They put on a clinic.  Word on the street is that many Knicks, predominantly Anthony Mason, didn't think losing 3&4 mattered.  Mason thought, 'They can't come to MSG and beat us.'

Game 5 of the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals may have been the most anticipated game of the Michael Jordan-era.  Think about it.  Bulls.  Knicks.  Chicago. New York.  The stars are out at MSG.  The winner of this game will win the conference.  The most heated rivalry in the NBA at that time.  No title round game...nothing matched the anticipation leading up to an MJ Bulls playoff game moreso than Game 5 of '93.  What do you need to know about this game?  Simple.  Smith, stopped.  Smith, stopped. Smith...STOPPED AGAIN!

3) Bulls defeat Pistons, Game 3, 1989 Eastern Conference Finals (Bulls go up 2-1 in series, but lose series 4-2)

The Bulls' miracle run in '89 was fun...especially if you were 9 years old.  The Bulls stunned a 57 win Cavs team, beat the Atlantic Division champion New York Knicks in six, and then pulled out a stunning win in Game 1 at Detroit, and an even more stunning win at the Stadium in Game 3.  The Bulls were down big in the latter moments of the game when everything came apart for the hated Pistons.  The Bulls went up 2-1.  It didn't make any sense.  The Pistons were still 5 times the team the Bulls were at that point.  The meltdown, everything, Chuck Daly's face...can't beat it. Check it at 7:23...he looks like The Joker...such a great villain!

4) Bulls defeat Blazers, Game 6, 1992 NBA Finals (Bulls win series 4-2)

My dad kept telling me, 'They're coming back, they're coming back, don't leave, they're coming back."  Down 17, I wasn't sure why he was still saying this.  But, the Bulls bench went nuts, and the Stadium lost its mind.  What a fun comeback for an NBA title.  Sidenote: Why do people forget how good those Blazers team were?  Lost in the shuffle.  Watch the first three quarters of Game 6.  Holy Lord.  They were good.

5) Bulls defeat Lakers, Game 5, 1991 NBA Finals (Bulls win series 4-1)

Nothing beats your first title.  I was only five when the Bears won the Super Bowl, so my memories of that team are vague. The '91 Bulls were my first real title team.  I'll never forget watching John Paxon drain shot after shot after shot down the stretch.

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