Worst Injuries in Cubs History

A quick look and poll/graph taken on the worst injuries in Cubs history...as voted on by Cubs historians.

The following injuries...believe it or not...are 100% true.


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  • First in crazy injuries and last in the National League. And may I add the following options ...

    - Mike Remlinger getting his pinkie caught in a recliner.
    - Jose Cardenal missing time because of a stuck eyelid.
    - Ryan Dempster breaking his toe hopping over a fence following a Cubs win.

  • How on earth does Kerry Wood hurting himself getting out of a hot tub not make this list? I demand a recount! :)

  • In reply to Ryno2Grace:

    Ah!!! See, I did this on the fly...However, I'll take Trout on the STATIONARY bike over the hot tub.

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