Great Moments in Cubs/Sox Stereotype Fan History

Great Moments in Cubs/Sox Stereotype Fan History

The following is a compilation of the greatest fan moments during the annual Cubs/White Sox series.

1997- Prior to 1999, the crosstown series was only three games.  In the inagural year, in the second game of the series, Connie Napinski of Joliet became the first woman  to complete the team's female fan triple crown: A box of fries, a box of nachos, and one tin of Skoal.

1998- At Wrigley, two 'bros' in the bleachers duke it out because this one dude was looking at this other dude's girl and the one dude is like, 'Dude, seriously, you're lookin' at my girl?' and the other guy was like, 'Dude, you wanna start somethin?'  After the two shoved each other a couple times, the 'not really fight' was broken up.  The two men made up over lattes after the game.

1999-As a sign of the times, the cut-off visor with frosted tips and artificial tan is accepted as the universal uniform for male fans in the Cubs bleachers.  Male fans who don't wear this outfit have to, 'totally stay away from our group, bro.'

2000- Two White Sox fans charge the field after they discover two free 'The Rock WWE Champion' t-shirts are just sitting in short center field.  The two are arrested.

2001- The first pair of aviator sunglasses are seen at Wrigley Field.  Upon research, the guys wearing them in the bleachers can be affirmed as 'total douchebags'.

2002- Female Cubs fan, who admits that she's a die-hard, turns to boyfriend and asks who that 'Sow-say' guy is in right field.

2003- White Sox fans outnumber Cubs fans greatly at the The Cell for the first time when Sox management has their inaugural 'Scratch-Off and Marlboro Red Night.'

2004- Trust fund kid from Glenview really upset that security won't let him take wine coolers inside Wrigley.  After disagreement, he is taken away by police reportedly yelling, "I could buy all of you!"

2005- Two White Sox fans are arrested for taking their trailer's lawn furniture and setting it up for tailgating in the U.S. Cellular parking lot.

2006- White Sox fans upset when game time of 3:05 game switches to 12:05.  Normal Saturday of waking up and drinking and smoking at 8 a.m. forced to move up to 5 a.m.

2007- Cubs fan wearing 'Believe' shirt really confused why Cubs are honoring 'this Dawson guy.'

2008- Cubs fan derides Ramirez's demeanor; just loves Mark DeRosa.  Becomes one billionth white Cubs fan to renew this sentiment during the baseball season.

2009- Previous triple crown winner from 1997, Connie Napinski of Joliet downs box of nachos, box of fries, one tin of Skoal, and a bottle of MadDog 20/20.

2010- Guy in bleachers tells fan next to him that Marlon Byrd is 'one of the good ones'.

2011- Fan wondering if he should stay home to watch pit bulls, go to waffle house, or go to Sox brings pit bull and waffle house take-out to Sox game.

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