Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (November 26th-27th)

Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (November 26th-27th)

It's a Festivus miracle!

Last week, I wasn't god awful.  I began my annual comeback by going 2-1 in college and 1-1-1 in the NFL.  This brings my overall total to a pathetic 18-25-2.  That's 10-13-1 in college, and 8-12-1 in the National Football League (Mark Schlereth was going to come to my house and punch me in the face if I just said 'NFL').

Purdue at Indiana (O 58)

This is an easy pick considering the Hoosiers have given up a staggering 50.4 ppg over their last 5 games.  While the Boilers don't have the best offense, and this is a rivalry game, and it's Indiana's Senior's not enough to think the Hoosiers will be competitive.  Danny Hope's offense should shine...well...everybody's does against IU.  Purdue 42, Indiana 24

Penn State at Wisconsin (-15 1/2)

Things have come apart in Happy Valley over the past couple weeks, and the Badgers have slowly regrouped after their back-to-back losses in the middle of the season.  This game features the Big Ten's #1 offense against the #1 defense.  Which one will give?  Maybe the fact that Penn State's league leading interceptions will be canceled out by the fact that Russell Wilson and the Badgers have only thrown four picks this year?  Without turning the ball over, and running on a distraught Nittany Lions team on Senior Day, I've got the Badgers big: Wisconsin 35, Penn State 14

Alabama (-21) at Auburn

It's the popular pick to go with Auburn, this week...maybe people should look at the stats.  Bama is #1 in the SEC in running the football, while Auburn is the worst outside of the horrific Ole Miss and Kentucky squads.  Auburn's offense is in the bottom half of the SEC, and they are facing the best defense in the nation.  This. Game.  Will.  Not. Be. Close.  I haven't gone out on a limb like this all season...I know it's a rivalry game, and both teams get up for each other (see: last year).  But this will be all 'Bama.  Tide Roll: Alabama 31, Auburn 7


(Note: Early in the week I listed the Raiders over the Bears as a lock...but without McFadden and Ford...this game makes me feel weird...I'm not touching it with a ten foot poll.)

Carolina at Indianapolis (O 45 1/2)

Usually when a line looks this suspicious you should stay away from it...not me...I need the wins...Carolina's offense against the Indy D?  What, what?  Carolina 37, Indianapolis 20

New England (-3.5) at Philadelphia

Yay!  Things are better now that the Eagles beat the Giants!  Yay!  Wait, what?  The class organization of the NFL faces one in disarray.  I'm going Pats...on stats.  New England 31, Philadelphia13

Denver at (-6) San Diego

The Broncos defense has been playing inspired ball as of late.  I expect that to come to an end.  The enigma that is the San Diego Chargers should shut down the horrific offense that is the Denver Broncos. This Tebow dream WILL STOP: San Diego 34, Denver 6

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