Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (November 19th and 20th)

Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (November 19th and 20th)

You're probably wondering where I've been.

Truth is, after I learned some stunning news last month, it took me a bit to recover...I've been out of sorts.  Podcasts cut off.  Picks cut off.  We've been focusing on getting back to articles and horoscopes.

However, that's no excuse as to why my picks have only been showing on Facebook and NOT on ChicagoNow.

Here's why:

15-23-1 overall   8-12-1 college  7-11 nfl

I'm pretty sure we started losing people just because how poor my picks have been.  This has been my worst year ever.  I mean ever.  Like since I started picking against the spread in 1998.  (As a young buck, I would just do confidence picks)

It's been embarrassing to say the least.  That's why I'm starting fresh! 

Jack, on the other hand, was dominant.  When we left, his picks sat at 13-11 overall 8-4 college, 5-7 nfl.  That's because he's smart.

Let's get this thing going back in the right direction...and for those who remember...I had a slow start last year and TORE THROUGH the final four weeks to finish a good five/six over for the year.  I went something like 13-4-1 in my last 18...yeah...had to be there.


Minnesota (+15.5) over Northwestern

Northwestern gets one big win every year (See: Nebraska game).  Fitzgerald's teams have struggled in easy-to-win games that wind up being harder than they should be.  I know the Gophers were pounded last week by Wisconsin, but Jerry Kill's Minnesota squad nearly beat USC early in the year and also stunned Iowa a couple weeks back.

This is not a bad Minnesota team...but they certainly as hell can play like one.  Minnesota has a terrible pass defense; something that Dan Persa can waltz all over the G-Men with all day.

That being said, Fitzy's teams regularly bog down in games precisely like this.  Northwestern 34, Minnesota 24

Wisconsin (-14.5) over Illinois

The #1 rushing offense in the Big Ten meets the #2 rushing defense in the Big Ten.  It will be heavy wind in Champaign; you can be the whole game will be on the ground.  What gets me on this line??? All of the distractions that the Illini are dealing with currently.  It's an odd time in Chambana.  Wisconsin is the best team in the Big Ten.  People have forgotten how good they should be.  Wisconsin 41, Illinois 17

Boston College (+24.5) over Notre Dame

Boston College always plays Notre Dame tough...especially when ND is favored.  Check that, Boston College doesn't play ND tough...they usually win.  However, lately, the tide looks to be changing.  There's no question that Notre Dame's talent dwarfs that of BC's this year.  But, as was seen against Wake Forest, the Irish don't always clamp down.  Notre Dame 35, Boston College 20


Carolina at (-7) Detroit

The Lions have the #4 pass defense in the NFL.  They're playing at home after a humiliating loss in Chicago.  It's time for them to re-group and get after a young quarterback that can get flustered.  Expect the Lions to come out hungry.  Detroit 34, Carolina 23

Buffalo (+2) at Miami

Sometimes, you have to start picking the team that has more talent.  Though the Bills have been garbage of late, people need to know who the better team is...let's hope I'm right:  Buffalo 20, Miami 16

Tennessee at (-6) Atlanta

I like the Falcons at home in a big game with playoff implications.  The Falcons have been the most unpredictable team in the NFL this year.  Let's hop they can get us the 'W'!

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