Chicago Tough Weekly College and Pro Picks October 1st and 2nd

Chicago Tough Weekly College and Pro Picks October 1st and 2nd

Happy Birthday to my grandfather who would have been 89 today.  I'm sure he's upstairs watching Nova or something.  Good man.

In the football world, it seems as though my little phenom 'The Jackster' has taken the gambling world by storm.  You'll probably see him on one of those Saturday morning infomercials telling people about his 'pick of the week' or 'pick of the year' or 'thursday night nfc south pick of the week'.  You know how they do that....those guys and their slicked back hair and three dollar suits with their big cigars, and...anyway, I digress.

Jack stunned the gambling world (okay, just this site) with a 5-1 week.  I pretty much force Jack to pick what I pick, but when I gave him the helmets to make his NFL choices, he refused to have me take away his Indianapolis Colts helmet.  Apparently the simplistic horseshoe had a great impact on my child.  He was treating this helmet magnet like somebody just gave him Johnny Unitas' signed hi-tops.

Nonetheless, Jack went 5-1 and sits at 11-7 overall.  I had a solid week going 4-2.  We both went 3-0 in college (what is with people doubting the SEC...seriously?) and Jack's Colts pick swept up a 2-1 NFL record against my 1-2.  And yes, we'd like to thank you Ryan Fitzpatrick for being such a jag bag.

Anyways, if you're coming to my site to get picks, I've got some information for you:  1-800-GAMBLER.  Actually, if you're going to any site to get help on your picks...then you probably shouldn't be gambling...just a thought.


Nebraska at Wisconsin (55 1/2 U)

The consensus is stating that two of the most powerful offenses in the Big Ten will light up the scoreboard on Saturday night in Camp Randall.  I disagree.  Colder weather has moved into Madison.  Both offenses will come out conservative and try to run it down each other's throats.  It looks like an easy 'over' on paper, but I think that both teams have spent all week looking to lock down the other team's running game.  Great insight, huh?  Whatever, bite me...I'm a good better!  Wisconsin 27, Nebraska 26

Notre Dame at Purdue (+14 1/2)

Brian Kelly upset many people in West Lafayette when he stated that this was Purdue's 'Super Bowl'.  Somebody should tell people at Purdue that he's 100% spot on.

What isn't spot on is a two touchdown spread for a team that has struggled closing out ANY opponents over the past 3-4 years.  The Irish have regularly struggled in games in which they were the clear favorites.  Notre Dame has way more talent than this Purdue squad...but don't expect the Irish to roll in a nationally televised game at the Boilers home.  Notre Dame 34, Purdue 27

Northwestern at Illinois (52 U)

Memorial Stadium can become quite the wind tunnel.  As the summer turned into fall, Memorial Stadium also turned into a scoring cavern.  Dan Persa will be feeling his way back with NU in his return.  The Illini will be facing a ball-swarming Wildcats defense.  Don't expect the scoreboard to light up the same way it did at Wrigley last year.  Illinois 17, Northwestern 14

Denver at Green Bay (46 O)

Um...what?  This seems suspicious.  The #2 quarterback in the NFL (that's healthy) taking on a weak defense at home?  How will the Pack not score an easy 30?  Plus, who's better in garbage time than Kyle Orton?  The man is a passing yardage and scoring machine in the fourth quarter!

Denver shut down Chris Johnson last week for 21 yards on 13 carries...the Broncs are better against the run now...yadayadayada.   Green Bay 35, Denver 21

Carolina at Chicago (-6 1/2)

Run for your lives!  I never pick the Bears!  Well, this week, it's a little different.  The Bears defense has been successful against mobile quarterbacks in the past (see Michael Vick, last season).  Newton will also play into the Bears' hands by being over-anxious against a defense that makes you be patient.  Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady carve up the Bears because they know what the defense will give them...and they chip that to death.  Cam Newton doesn't have that patience yet.  Plan on three interceptions for Newton.  Chicago 20, Carolina 10

New England (-5) at Oakland

With how poorly the Patriots defense has looked, and how great the Raiders have looked, it's tough to make this pick.  However, I don't think there's an easier bet than taking Tom Brady and Bill Belichick after a tough loss.  Expect the Patriots to come out flying.  The key to this game?  McFadden vs. an increasingly pourous Patriots defense.  I still like the Pats.  New England 31, Oakland 20

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