Al Davis to Return in Houston; To Enter Stadium as 'The Undertaker', Stage Winner-Take-All Match

Al Davis to Return in Houston; To Enter Stadium as 'The Undertaker', Stage Winner-Take-All Match

HOUSTON - Reports came out late Saturday that deceased Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis will return to life via an WWE-like intro on Sunday in Houston.

Davis informed family in a note prior to his passing that, "You can expect me to be in Houston at 12:00.  The Raiders will rise again!"

Davis' return is scheduled to occur prior to the Oakland Raiders' matchup against the Houston Texans.

Family members received a note that gave very specific instructions on how the renegarde owner would return.

"Just before kickoff, a bell will ring.  This will signal as my entrance music (if you didn't know, it's The Undertaker's entrance.  You know, the wrestler from WWE?  Anyways).  I will be rolled in via casket, and then I will suddenly shoot up.  While the oohs and aahs permeate through Reliant Stadium, I will get out of the casket and challenge any Houston Texans player around me to a winner-take-all steel cage casket match.  The loser gets locked in the casket forever.  That's right.  Forever."

Family members remain puzzled by the note, but many aren't surprised.

"We don't know what to expect anymore," stated confused nephew Jason Davis.  "This is a guy who has been dead since 2003.  He just didn't admit it to anyone.  He would be dead in his chair, and then somebody would stop by for an autograph...he'd rise up.  Nowadays, prior to his death, he would just mutter something about the Immaculate Reception and how Marcus Allen wasn't a 'real Raider'....then he'd go back to being dead."

Davis alluded in the note that he would like to challenge Texans defensive end Mario Williams in the wrestling match.

Davis has been deceased since Saturday morning.

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