YouTube Clip of the Week: Sayers scores 6 touchdowns; Bears 61, Niners 20

YouTube Clip of the Week: Sayers scores 6 touchdowns; Bears 61, Niners 20

On a muddy day at Wrigley Field rookie phenom Gale Sayers carved up the San Francisco 49ers for six touchdowns, tying an NFL record.

What made the accomplishment even more impressive (not just considering the field was almost unplayable) was the fact that Sayers was actually pulled late in the 3rd quarter.  Many people think Sayers could have scored seven or eight touchdowns. It was Sayers who begged to back in for a punt return in the 4th quarter...and the rest was history.

When it was all said and done the numbers showed 9 rushes for 113 yards and 4 touchdowns, 2 receptions for 89 yards and one touchdown, and 5 punt returns for 134 yards and one touchdown.

Sayers had touched the ball 16 times...and scored 6 times. His 16 touches amassed 336 total yards. That's 21 yards a touch.

The Bears were only two years removed from their 1963 NFL Title team.  A team that was most known for its defense received a new identity in 1965.  Rudy Bukich had a career year, Sayers scored 22 touchdowns (a rookie record; keep in mind it was a 14 game season),  and Morris/Ditka combined for over 1,300 yards receiving (a lot for the time). 

While the Bears started racking up points, a guy by the name of Dick Butkus arrived on the defensive end.  The Bears were set to be a premier contender in the NFL for the upcoming years...but injuries to both stars hijacked such an opportunity.

Enjoy what is arguably the greatest performance in NFL history:

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