Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall has big dreams for this year's Super Bowl.

For many kids, the dream is scoring the winning touchdown, intercepting the big pass, or taking down the quarterback on the final play.

For Mendenhall, the thought of becoming a Super Bowl weekend casualty by virtue of murder, prostitution, or an easy cocaine and alcohol binge keeps the young running back hoping with glee.


Mendenhall takes his clothes with him to prepare for his travels

"As a kid, you see guys like Stanley Wilson relapse on cocaine and not show up for the Super Bowl in Miami and you wonder to yourself, 'man, I hope I can be that kid that the team depends on in the biggest game of the year and becomes a footnote in history!'  I mean, imagine that...I can be a footnote in history!"

Mendenhall is hoping to become not just a Super Bowl casualty, but he has talked openly with friends about combining previous Super Bowl acts and giving a 'Super Bowl Weekend Casualty Tribute'.  Mendenhall hopes for the tribute to be recorded and turned into a show on Versus sometime during the Super Bowl Pre-Game.

"I figure by that time, I'll be missing, arrested, or in some small foreign country.  Any which way, I'll be big news.  I know that the networks wouldn't post something like that on their network, but...you know, Versus should take it.  What are they gonna say, 'Uh, no, we have an obscure Mountain West basketball game followed by a heated rivalry game between the New York Islanders and Florida Panthers.'  Trust me, they'll take it.  And it'll be big.  Cash-Money."

Mendenhall's exploits are going to be a combination of efforts.  He plans on honoring drunken Packers wide receiver Max McGee, the cocaine relapse of Cincinnati Bengal Stanley Wilson, the prostitution exploits of Falcon Eugene Robison, involvement in a murder that may or may not have been committed by Ray Lewis, and topping it off by stopping the doses of his anti-depressants and vanishing to Tijuana like former Raiders center Barrett Robbins.

The Steel City running back has even released a 48 hour schedule of his exploits.

"I'm gonna spend the next week doing nothing but cocaine.  All blow, all the time.  I gotta make sure I get addicted.  Then, I'm going to spend hours and hours at children's hospitals...you know, long enough so I can get nominated for NFL Man of the Year, then I'm gonna stop taking my depression medication and make some seedy friends in the Dallas area."

The setup planned by Mendenhall over the next week will put in place a 48 hour stretch from Thursday to Saturday night that should petrify Steelers head master Mike Tomlin and Steelers fans.

"First things first, I've gotta stop takin my anti-depressants.  Then, it's off to Mexico.  By mid-Friday I figure I can make a proposal to a transsexual prostitute, and spend the next 24 hours relapsing on cocaine...Then, I'll come back on Saturday and tell my teammates everything is going to be okay...Well...that's until I decide to get drunk until 6 a.m. on Super Bowl Sunday...then I'm going to run for over 100 yards.  Well...that or go back to Mexico.  I have to figure out a finale."

"The Rashard Mendenhall Experiment" is scheduled to air February 5th at 10:00 p.m. on Versus. 

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