Chicago Tough's Top 10 Bears/Packers Game of All-Time

Chicago Tough's Top 10 Bears/Packers Game of All-Time

Much has happened since the Chicago Staleys' 20-0 trouncing of the Green Bay Packers on November 27th, 1921.

We have seen a world war, 15 U.S. presidents, the advent of television, etc.

The Bears and Packers have participated in 182 games witht the Bears leading the series 92-83-6.

Below are my top 10 Bears victories over the Green Bay Packers.

10.  2008, Chicago Bears 20, Green Bay Packers 17 (OT)

With the Green Bay Packers offense dominating the game, Packers coach Mike McCarthey went into a shell.  Keeping the Packers' play calling at a ridiculously convervative level, the Bears were given the opportunity to cut into the Packers' 14-3 halftime lead. 

After the Bears had tied the game in the 4th, Mason Crosby had an opportunity to win the game for the Packers as time expired.  His kick was blocked by Alex Brown, and the Bears won before a national television audience in below zero weather to keep the Bears' faint playoff hopes alive.

9.  1980, Chicago Bears 61, Green Bay Packers 7

The story behind this game was rooted in the Bears' devastating overtime loss to the Packers on opening day.  Alan Page blocked Marcol's game-winning attempt, but the ball caromed off his helmet and into the hands of the surprised coke-glassed Marcol.

The bumbling, pudgy Polski rumbled 15 yards into the end zone for a stunning Packers victory.

Apparently, the Bears had long memories.

Thumbnail image for bartstarr.jpg

Bart Starr complained about the Bears 'running up the score.' Unfortunately for him, the Bears actually were trying to run out clock...but kept getting 50 yards on dive plays.

On December 7th, 1980, the Bears and Packers were locked in a 0-0 game early in the second quarter before the Bears unleashed 61 points on a befuddled Green Bay defense.  The attack featured 267 yards on the ground, and 336 through the air.  Eight different Bears caught a pass.  Six different Bears scored touchdowns.  The victory is still the Bears biggest regular season victory, and second all-time behind the romp of the Redskins in the 1940 NFL Title Game (73-0).

8.  1993, Chicago Bears 30, Green Bay Packers 17

It's tough to believe that one of the Bears' top 10 victories over the Green Bay Packers came during a stretch where the Bears didn't score an offensive touchdown against the Packers for 21 straight quarters.

The one win during that span happened in late 1993, with the Bears in a four team horse race for the NFC Central Division lead.  The 7-4 Packers showed up to Soldier Field behind the loose cannon of youngster Brett Favre and premier receiver Sterling Sharpe.  The Packers had also just acquired Reggie White to shore up their defensive strength.  A victory over Chicago would definitely move the race from 4 teams to 3 teams.

Favre would be his usual gun-slinging self, throwing for over 400 yards and 2 touchdowns.

What Favre didn't plan on was his team turning the ball over four times with three turning into touchdowns. 

Jeremy Lincoln, Dante Jones, and Mark Carrier each scored touchdowns to move the Bears into first place.  Carrier's touchdown return came late in the fourth quarter to stymie Green Bay's final chance...being only down 23-17, at the time.

It would be the final time the Bears would beat Green Bay until 1999.  The Bears' last offensive touchdown against Green Bay during this stretch was in 1992 at Lambeau behind a 30 yard rush by Darren Lewis.  The streak didn't end until early 1995 at Soldier Field when Rashaan Salaam scored in the 2nd quarter during another Monday Night Football tilt. 

7.  1985, Chicago Bears 16, Green Bay Packers 10

It was every Bears fans nightmare.

An undefeated season (8-0) was in limbo after Jessie Clark's 55 yard touchdown reception from Packers southpaw Jim Zorn.

The Packers took a 10-7 lead into the final quarter before a Steve Mc Michael safety and Walter Payton's 27 yard scamper ended the Packers upset hopes.  The victory kept the undefeated season alive, and moved the Packers down to 3-6.  This would be the Bears' toughest victory of the 1985 season, and Walter Payton's best game.  Sweetness ran for 192 yards, his highest total of the season to keep the Green from getting a sweet win in Lambeau.

6.  1987, Chicago Bears 26, Green Bay Packers 24

All of the taunting and bravado that made the mid-80s Chicago Bears was going to come to an end.

The post-strike '87 Bears had struggled for victories over Tampa Bay and Kansas City, and now they were struggling against a weak Packers team.  Wisconsinites who had to deal with the brash/arrogant football team from the south were bathing in Al Del Greco's 47 yard game winning field goal with under a minute left.

The Packers led 24-23...the Bears were in serious trouble.

In under one-half minute, McMahon lead the Bears to the Packers' 37.  In the muddied Lambeau Field, Kevin Butler set up for a game winning 52 yard field goal.  The line drive shot seemed to hit a wall around the ten yard line, but fluttered helplessly passed the crossbar for a 26-24 Bears victory.

The Packers wouldn't get a chance to upend the Bears until two years later during the infamous 'Instant Replay Game' where Don Majkowski stepped over the line of scrimmage to throw a touchdown pass against the Bears in the fourth quarter.

5.  1960, Chicago Bears 17, Green Bay Packers 14

Down 14-0 in the fourth quarter, the Chicago Bears embarked on their most thrilling opening day comeback in their franchise's history. 

Playing at Lambeau against the future Western Division Champions, the Bears offense was limited to dump passes and two yard dives.  In the fourth quarter, Bears quarterback Zeke Bratkowski and the Bears' running game got hot.

Willie Gallimore and Rick Casares ran for over 100 yards in the final quarter brining the Bears back to a 14-14 tie.  In the waning moments, John Aveni kicked a 16 yard field goal to give the Bears what is arguably their sweetest opening day victory ever. 

4.  1999, Chicago Bears 14, Green Bay Packers 13

The Bears were in the midst of one of their worst stretches since the 1970s.  At the same time, the Green Bay Packers were in a stretch of their biggest successes since the 1960's.

A mid-season clash between the two rivals didn't seem to bring forth any different predictions from the experts.  The struggling Bears had lost three in a row, and fallen to 3-5.

Earlier in the week, Chicago Bears great Walter Payton died.  The outpouring of grief amongst Bears fans seemed to kindle an extra fire in the Bears' belly that Sunday. 

The Packers couldn't get the Bears out of the game.  The Bears hung along, and hung along, and hung along to a 14-13 fourth quarter lead.  But, as any Bears fan at the time knew, Brett Favre was at the peak of his powers...and he would have one last shot to undo the Bears' hopes.  Favre would do just that, driving his Packers across the field to set up an easy 20 something field goal for Packers kicker Ryan Longwell.

In a stunning turn, Longwell kicked it just above the line, but Bryan Robinson (ailed by the strength of Walter's arms) jumped to block the kick.  This time, there was no Chester Marcol to scoop up the block.  The Packers' win streak was over, and the Bears won a stunner.

3.  1932, Chicago Bears 9, Green Bay Packers 0

The Bears needed one more win to move into an NFL playoff against the Portsmouth Spartans.  The needed victory would have to come against their arch-rivals; the Green Bay Packers.

The Bears got the win to win the division.  I wish I had the info on this game...but it doesn't exist.

Great story.

2. 1963, Chicago Bears 26, Green Bay Packers 14

In the 1960s, your only option to win the NFL's Western Division would be to either a) beat the Packers or b) blow up the entire city of Green Bay.


Larry Morris puts the final touches on Green Bay's title hopes for 1963.

The Bears knew they had a defense to match the Packers, but nobody was certain that the Bears' offense could offset the powerful trilogy of Nitschke, Adderly, and Davis.

After beating the Packers in the first meeting, the second clash was set for Wrigley Field.  The winner was to win the divisional crown.

With the wind and the city at its back, the Bears punished the Packer front seven.  They ran the ball 57 times for 248 yards setting up two touchdowns and four Roger LeClerc field goal's.  The dominating 26-7 victory over Green Bay set the tone for a world's championship that would come months later.

1.  1941, Chicago Bears 33, Green Bay Packers 14

As you may have heard (unless you've been in a cave for the past 24 hours), the Bears and Packers have only met once in the post-season.

This isn't such a surprise considering the Bears and Packers were in the same division, and until 1970 you couldn't meet a team from your division in the playoffs...unless a tiebraker needed to occur.  THEN, from 1970-1989 you couldn't play somebody from your own division in the divisional playoffs.  So, the only chance to play them during that span was during the wild card round (which had only started in 1978) or the NFC Title Game.  Plus, the Bears and Packers' dominant years seem to offset.  Packers (1930s, 1960s, 1990s, 2000s)  Bears (1920s, 1940s, 1980s).  The Bears were slightly better in the 50's.  Both teams stunk in the 70's.

This playoff game at Wrigley Field was for all the marbles.  The defending world champion Bears were led by an 82 yard punt return by south sider Hugh Gallarneau.

The Packers were obviously jarred after taking a 7-0 first quarter lead.  The Packers turned the ball over six times and watched the Bears bury them on the ground.  Chicago ran for 277 yards on 48 carries.  Hall of Famer George McAfee ran for 119 yards, while Norm Standlee ran for 79 yards and two touchdowns.

It would be the Bears' biggest defeat of the Packers in team history...and would eventually lead the Bears to their second consecutive World's Championship.


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  • Great article, I think that the slow field will work to the Bears favor this Sunday. the receivers for the Packers won't be able to get off the line like in Atlanta. the Pass Rush will be slowed down also. Plus the Pack really opened up the play book against the Bears in the final regular season game with a lot of different blitz packages in order to get into the playoffs. For all the above reasons. I think that the Bears will win this Sunday and go to Dallas, where they will win their second Super Bowl.

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