TCF Stadium Unable to Hold All Metrodome Ticket Holders; To Charge $20 Overdraft Fee

TCF Stadium Unable to Hold All Metrodome Ticket Holders; To Charge $20 Overdraft Fee

MINNEAPOLIS- The location for Monday night's tilt between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings is nearing an end.

Officials stated late Wednesday that TCF Stadium, the football home of the University of Minnesota, will be used as a replacement site for the game.

What is unclear is how the 64,000 ticket holders for Monday night's game will fit into TCF Stadium's 50,000 seat capacity.

14,000 of these ticket holders were surprised to hear late Wednesday that their tickets would not be valid. 

TCF reciprocated by opening checking accounts for 14,000 individuals.  The refunds would be held in the newly formed accounts.


The field might not be ready...but TCF charge you!

But what seemed like a friendly gesture by TCF turned overwhelmingly disappointment.

Ticket holders were stunned to find upon opening their accounts that they were subjected to a $20 overdraft fee.

A TCF press release stated to the out of luck ticket holders that, "Due to the lack of funds in your account, you have been charged an overdraft fee of $20.00.  You will receive no refund for your ticket purchase.  Please contact customer service at 1-800-&&&-####."

Bank officials say the statement was sent in error.

TCF President Frank Bledsson held an immediate press conference to explain the matter.

"I don't think people realized that the funds didn't hit their account until 12:00 on Thursday.  Any withdrawal made from that account, even if the funds show on your balance, is subject to an overdraft fee...that's because the funds haven't technically been posted...even though your ATM notice might state otherwise.  That's why it's so important to use online banking.  Have you contacted our customer service to receive a PIN?"

When furious ticket holders reacted to the overdraft fee imposed by TCF on these newly opened accounts, Bledsson sent out a press release to quell the emotions.

"An appeal may be filed with our customer service department.  Please send all applicable information to the address stated on the form, and one of our service representatives will contact you within 7 to 10 business days upon reception of the letter.  Once consultation and review takes place, please allow 30 days for the ruling.  If your appeal is accepted, please allow an additional 7-10 business days for refund.  Please keep in mind that any payments outgoing from our bank may that 7-10 business days due to US Mail timing."

Thousands of angry callers pounded TCF's customer service after the president's reply. 

These callers were met with a standard reply from outsourced Indian service workers.

"TCF apologizes for the error in the charge to your account.  Due to the high call volume, your wait may take longer than 10 minutes.  If this call is in relation to a refund concerning Monday night's football game, please look into our TCF Free Small Business Checking Plan; a plan designed to help small businesses grow.  If you are interested in Small Business Checking, please press 0, and a customer service representative will assist you.  If not, please wait on the line, and the next customer service rep will assist you."

Protests are scheduled for Monday night outside TCF Stadium.

No other replys from TCF have been made at time of press.

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