Chicago Tough Game Review, Patriots 377 Bears -5

CHICAGO- I don't remember a lot from high school.

Maybe it was the football hits...I don't know.

But I do remember my statistics class.

We used to go over sets of data, and any outlier would be negated if it went too far beyond the normal range of figures.

I think any rational football fan would call Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots an outlier for their season.

The Bears aren't the team that defeated the Philadelphia Eagles...and they aren't the team they were today against New England.


He strikes again.

The truth is the Bears are somewhere in the middle.  This is a team that wins games by winning the turnover game, playing solid special teams, and not giving up the big play.

Today, against the best quarterback in the NFL, they only accomplished 1 of 3.

Great football teams make mince meat of good football teams when extra opportunities are granted.  The Bears turned the ball over 4 times.  They had three separate interception opportunities. 

When the Bears had opportunities to stop New Englad, the Patriots converted.  New England was an amazing 12 of 19 on third down.

The Bears defense spent most of the day wondering what Tom Brady would do next instead of what they could do to Tom Brady.  In these conditions, if you're caught standing still, Brady will be the one coming out on top.

Today really was the perfect storm.  (pardon me)

The Bears are headed to Minneapolis, we think, to play the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. 

Once the ball is kicked off, today's game will mean nothing.  It will be nothing more than an outlier.

They'll talk all week on sports radio about Peanut's blown coverage, the ridiculousness of not having a prevent defense on the field at the end of the first half, the inability to put pressure on Brady, Cutler's turnovers, the Bears quitting...yadayadayada.

While you listen, just keep in mind that emotion should never be the evaluator.  The statistics are the indicator.

If Sunday's game teaches you anything, it should be that one indicator cannot and should not dictate your feelings about this team.


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  • I really agree, one thing though, today's game did show that we really need an offensive line that can dominate and run the football.

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